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Tom Till is one of America's most published photographers. Over 150,000 of his images have appeared in print since 1977. In 1998, Till opened the Tom Till Gallery in Moab, Utah. Till's
images depict landscape, nature, history, and travel subjects worldwide, including all fifty states and nearly sixty countries overseas.

Till's stock photography images have been featured by National Geographic Magazine, The New York Times, Outside Magazine, Canon Copiers, Delta Airlines, The New Yorker Magazine, Life Magazine, Browntrout Calendars, Eastman Kodak, Reader's Digest, Rand McNally, MGM, Arizona Highways, Lonely Planet, and thousands of others.

An exhibit of his images of UNESCO World Heritage Sites has been traveling the world for almost three years, with stops in Paris, Brussels, Copenhagen, Geneva and Oslo, among others.

Though Till has been known as a master of the large format (4x5) camera and film for over 30 years, he has switched to 35mm digital Canon equipment. Recent trips have taken him to South Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Denmark, Sweden, and Slovenia, and numerous sites in the United States. A 35-year resident of Moab, Utah, Till has one of the largest photo libraries in existence of the Four Corners region.


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