Rocky Mountain National Park

Coalition Of National Park Service Retirees Worried About Pressure On National Park Service

National Park Service officials have found themselves turned into political pawns, first as the administration's face of the government shutdown and now by being splintered through a handful of park openings.

Seeing The Parks By Webcam During The Shutdown

Among the many casualties of the government shutdown are some of the popular webcam views of locations around the National Park System, since NPS and some other government web services have been disabled for the duration of the dispute. If you enjoy the ability to check in on favorite park locations via those cameras, all is not lost, however, and we'll provide some tips about park webcam views provided by non-government sources.

Updated: Colorado Follows Utah's Lead, Rocky Mountain National Park To Reopen Saturday

Colorado officials quickly followed Utah in working out an agreement Friday with the Interior Department to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday.

Just About All Of Rocky Mountain National Park Open To Visitors

Just about all of Rocky Mountain National Park, which was hit by torrential flooding two weeks ago, has been reopened to visitors.

More Terrain Opening On Eastern Side Of Rocky Mountain National Park

More and more terrain slowly is being opened to Rocky Mountain National Park visitors as cleanup of this month's flood debris and damage makes progress.

Trail Ridge Road Through Rocky Mountain National Park Closed For Heavy Equipment Convoy

While Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park has remained open, when weather allowed, in the wake of this month's flooding, it was to close today to allow a convoy of heavy equipment to reach Estes Park, Colorado.

Despite Flooding, Elk Fest Will Go On At Rocky Mountain National Park

Despite the torrential rains that fell on Rocky Mountain National Park and its surrounding communities earlier this month, elk still sing in the park and the folks in Estes Park, Colorado, are going ahead with their "Elk Fest" this coming weekend.

More Trails Opening In Rocky Mountain National Park, New Directions To Park

As damage assessments continue in Rocky Mountain National Park in the wake of last week's rain storms, visitors are finding more terrain to access.

Assistance Fund Created For Rocky Mountain National Park

An assistance fund has been set up to help Rocky Mountain National Park recover from last week's torrential rain storms.

Rocky Mountain National Park Slowly Reopening

Rocky Mountain National Park, waterlogged in spots from last week's storms, began to reopen to the public Wednesday, though all trails on the eastern side of the park remained closed.

A View From The Overlook: A Tale Of Two Rivers, Part I

There is a thread of commonality in the Colorado River as it flows through the Grand Canyon, and the Potomac River as it flows into Washington, D.C. It revolves around preservation.

Rocky Mountain National Park Remains Closed As Damage Assessment Continues

Rocky Mountain National Park remained closed for a fifth day Tuesday as crews worked to assess the damage in the wake of last week's torrential rain storms.

As Storms Ease, Damage To Rocky Mountain National Park Is Revealed, Lengthy Rehab On Tap

Roads severed. Walls of rock and mud blocking access. Trails washed out. That is some of the aftermath at Rocky Mountain National Park, where streams and rivers normally feeble at this time of year swelled to spring runoff levels and more after days of torrential rains.

Heavy Rains Impacting Eastern Side Of Rocky Mountain National Park

Heavy rains that have been pounding eastern Colorado have been creating some problems at Rocky Mountain National Park, where interior park roads have been closed by the deluge.

Projects At Rocky Mountain National Park To Be Aware Of

As the summer season wraps up in Rocky Mountain National Park, numerous projects are nearing completion.

Photography In The National Parks: Capturing The Fall

As the harbinger of winter, the autumn season brings a sense of peace and introspection with its quiet isolation, broken only by the occasional haunting call of a bull elk. Crowds are fewer and dispersed. Colors are saturated. The air is clear and crisp. It’s these elements combined together that make fall my favorite season for photography.

Fall In The National Parks: A Perfect Season For Catching The Wild Side Of The Park System

Wonderment and joy unfold in the national parks come fall when the wild kingdom becomes more visible, literally voicing the call of the wild in parks such as Great Smoky Mountains or Rocky Mountain or winging overhead in any number of parks.

22-Year-Old Dies In Fall At Rocky Mountain National Park

Yet another climbing fatality has occurred in Rocky Mountain National Park, where a 22-year-old man has fallen to his death on Lumpy Ridge.

Missouri Man Killed By Fall In Rocky Mountain National Park

A 20-year-old Missouri man climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park was killed by a fall of about 150 feet from "the Narrows" section along the Keyhole Route on Longs Peak.

Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park On August 24? Expect Traffic Delays From Bike Race

If you're planning to visit Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday, August 24, and your route in or out of the area passes through the town of Estes Park, plan ahead. Park officials are warning to traffic delays due to one stage of the 2013 USA Pro Cycling Challenge bike race.

Estes Park, A Great Base Camp For A Rocky Mountain National Park Vacation

Your ascent to Estes Park, the front door to Rocky Mountain National Park, is anything but smooth. Climbing up through Big Thompson Canyon from Loveland, Colorado, you twist and turn and rise and fall with the road as it crawls through the canyon...and marvel at the cyclists pedaling those beastly 34 miles.

Trails I've Hiked: Alberta Falls At Rocky Mountain National Park

You hear it long before you see it, and once you see it, you understand why Alberta Falls casts such a presence in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fall In The National Parks: A Kaleidoscope Of National Park Leaf-Peeping Drives

There is a magical quality to fall visits to Shenandoah National Park as mile after mile of trees blazing with vivid reds, oranges, and yellows come into view along Skyline Drive. In Rocky Mountain National Park, the aspen groves you see along the lower reaches of Trail Ridge Road turn so vividly gold in the fall that they take your breath away.

Fall In The National Parks: Ride Off Into The West, And A National Park, From A Dude Ranch

It’s after a soft, pattering rain, with the clouds clearing and the sun streaming through, that the essence of the Western landscape rises up. The pungent scent of sagebrush is wicked up by the moist air, mingling with the sweet aroma of pine.

Rocky Mountain National Park Offers Another Chance To Comment On Proposed Multi-Use Path

Rocky Mountain National Park officials, who are considering a 15.5-mile-long multi-use trail from the Fall River Entrance to Sprague Lake, are offering you another chance to comment on the proposal.

World Ranger Day Coming This Week

"World Ranger Day," one day out of the year to show your appreciation for national park rangers the world over, arrives Tuesday.

Trails I've Hiked: Cub Lake Trail At Rocky Mountain National Park

A few hours spent enjoying the Cub Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park shows off both the calamity of careless campers, and the rebirth of a landscape.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Fern Lake Trail Damaged By Mudslide

There's a need for some trail work at Rocky Mountain National Park, where a torrential thunderstorm spawned a rock-and-mud slide that swept trees and other debris across a section of the Fern Lake Trail.

Strong Thunderstorms, Lightning Causing Injuries In National Parks In The Rockies

Thunderstorms raking the Rocky Mountains have led to numerous injuries, and possibly one fatality, in national parks in the region. A mud-and-rock slide Thursday afternoon at Rocky Mountain National Park also possibly trapped hikers in the backcountry.

You'll Be Able To Drive Entire Length Of Bear Lake Road In Rocky Mountain National Park Soon

Road construction continues along the Bear Lake Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, but beginning Saturday you'll be able to drive the entire route, albeit with possible delays in both directions.
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