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Late Spring Snow Helps Snowpack At Rocky Mountain National Park – But Concerns Remain

Winter just keeps on hanging around in parts of the country, and today's snowfall at Rocky Mountain National Park brought some welcome moisture to the park. Even with the late precipitation, there's concern throughout the region for the lower than normal snowpack.

Newfound Gap Road Across Great Smoky Mountains National Park Open End-To-End

The entire Newfound Gap Road across Great Smoky Mountains National Park reopened today between Gatlinburg, Tennessee, and Cherokee, North Carolina, a month ahead of schedule.

Parks Beyond Borders: Pioneer Of Iraq’s First National Park Wins Global Environmental Award

The world’s largest prize for grassroots environmentalism has been awarded to Iraqi Azzam Alwash for the impending creation of Iraq’s first national park. The startling fact—this soon-to-be realized preserve in the Mesopotamian Marshland had to be recreated from scratch after being completely destroyed by Saddam Hussein.

Case Of Indian Trader At Hubbell Trading Post Heading To 9th U.S. Circuit Court Of Appeals

Billy Malone, an Indian trader who was forced out of Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site in Arizona by National Park Service investigators, is taking his case for damages to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.
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A March For All, Selma's Voting Rights Movement

A new booklet provides a nice overview of the events leading up to, and including, the calamitous march for civil rights in Alabama in 1965 that propelled the issue of segregation and voting rights for all Americans onto the national stage.

Around The Parks: Solar Power At Death Valley, Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Tamiami Trail Through The Everglades

Solar power at Death Valley National Park, the Ice Age National Scenic Trail in Wisconsin, and the Tamiami Trail that crosses the Everglades are just some of the items in our roundup of what's going on in the National Park System.

A Walk In The Woods - Talk About A Movie Again?

A Walk in the Woods was the most popular book about the Appalachian Trail. Now talks are reviving again that Robert Redford will star in the movie. Will it happen this time?

Yes, The Sequestration Has Hit The National Parks. But They're Still Open And Still Spectacular!

Yes, our national parks are grappling with the loss of millions of dollars due to the failure of Congress and the Obama administration to treat the country's ailing fiscal condition, but they're still open, and still spectacular places to explore.

Capitol Reef National Park's "Essential Guide" Is Live On The Traveler

Just in time for the summer travel season, the Essential Guide to Capitol Reef National Park has been published on the Traveler.

Biscayne National Park Receives $35,000 To Begin Stabilizing Fowey Rocks Lighthouse

A $35,000 gift is heading to Biscayne National Park to help begin stablization of the Fowey Rocks Lighthouse that the U.S. Coast Guard transferred to the park last fall.

Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve's Wolf Population Plummets, NPS Blames State Of Alaska's Hunting Regs

Wolf numbers have plummeted at Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve in Alaska, where National Park Service officials attribute the steep decline to the state's desire to reduce predators to improve hunting.

15-Year-Old Survives Fall Into Steam Vent At Hawaii Volcanos National Park

A California teenager luckily avoided serious injury when he fell 25 feet down into a steam vent at Hawai‘i Volcanoes National Park.

Trails I've Hiked: The Great Gallery At Horseshoe Canyon In Canyonlands National Park

Dinosaur tracks millions of years old can be tough to discern from ripples in sandstone, so it seems only natural to ask how to tell the real thing from fickle currents in the floor of Horseshoe Canyon in Canyonlands National Park.

Traveler's Gear Box: A Cot For The Night From Therm-A-Rest

Finding a comfortable position sleeping on the ground can be challenging, what with rocks, roots, and the general lack of a perfectly flat piece of turf. For those conditions, you might want to consider adding a cot to your gear bag.

Brown University Students Crack 300-Year-Old Code Attributed To Rhode Island Founder Roger Williams

For more than 300 years, since late in the 17th Century, the shorthand attributed to Roger Williams in the margins of a library book befuddled code crackers. But now a team of students and faculty at Brown University has cracked it and come to learn what the founder of Rhode Island wrote.

Online Graphic Chronicles History Of America's National Parks

To better understand the history and scope of the National Parks and their administration, we worked with to create a visualization on one our greatest national assets—Our National Parks: The Pride of America.

Bicyclists Have Freedom To Ride In Yellowstone National Park

If you're looking for an incredible bike ride in the national parks, head to Yellowstone National Park now, when you can pedal between West Yellowstone, Montana, and Mammoth Hot Springs without sharing the road with private vehicles.

Can You Top These Examples Of Unusual Outdoor Gear?

Although most of us have some favorite pieces of equipment for trips to a park, the combination of modern technology and human ingenuity continues to come up with new—and sometimes better—ideas. Here's a fun look at a few examples of outdoor gear that could be described as the most innovative, unusual or ....well, I'll let you pick your own adjectives.

Facts And Figures On National Monuments In And Out Of The National Park System

With President Obama's recent designation of five new national monuments, there now are 77 national monuments within the National Park System. Curious about the history of national monuments? Read on.

Sally Jewell Confirmed As Interior Secretary By Senate

Sally Jewell, a businesswoman with a diverse background ranging from the energy and banking sectors to running Recreational Equipment, Inc., was confirmed Wednesday by the U.S. Senate as the 51st secretary of the Interior.

Update: President's FY14 Budget Proposal Would Get Interior "Out Of Ditch," Provide $2.3 Billion For National Park Service

Recent years of relatively sparse federal funding have left the Interior Department and its agencies "in the ditch," according to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, who says President Obama's FY14 budget proposal will reverse that trend if approved by Congress.
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Civilian Perspectives Of Civil War Discussed This Weekend At Stones River National Battlefield

How did civilians react when the Civil War brought battles and soldiers into their backyards? That will be the topic of discussion this weekend at Stones River National Battlefield in Tennessee.

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Biennial Conference Meets In Western North Carolina

cars on Lake Shore Trail
The Appalachian Trail Conservancy Biennial Conference will meet in Western North Carolina in July. Over a thousand people will join in hikes, workshops and excursions. Registration opens April 15.

Yellowstone National Park Officials Looking To Improve Visitors' Experience In "Cascade Corner"

"Cascade corner," which draws its name from the many waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park's southwest corner, long has been a rather overlooked area of the park. But with more and more visitors taking notice and heading there, park officials are looking into ways to improve their visits.
NOLS Wilderness Wisdom: 2nd Edition "Anyone who tells you portaging is fun is either a liar, or crazy, or maybe both." That's hard wisdom from the late Bill Mason, a legendary canoe paddler, naturalist, and author, to dispute. It's just one of the gems to be found in the second edition of Wilderness Wisdom, a pocket-sized book of inspiring quotations well-suited for the outdoors.

Birding In the National Parks: The Crossley ID Guide--Raptors

A few months back we talked about the hawk watch at Acadia National Park. I mentioned a few books that are useful for the enterprising raptor enthusiast. At the time I was also aware that a new raptor identification aid was on the way, but I kept that little secret to myself. The proverbial cat is out of the bag now, and I’ve spent the last couple weeks devouring The Crossley ID Guide: Raptors.

Dinosaur National Monument Ready For Spring Visitors

With April having arrived, facilities are opening and visitor center hours are extending at Dinosaur National Monument in Utah and Colorado.

Learning About Whales Getting A Little Easier At Olympic National Park

Knowing where to look for whales, and how to identify the whales you see, is getting easier at Olympic National Park thanks to The Whale Trail, the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, and the park staff.

National Park Week Runs April 20-28

Summer-like temperatures are commonplace in some parts of the National Park System, snow is falling in others. Regardless of the weather, look to the parks for some outdoor exercise or historical interpretation during National Park Week April 20-28.

Bark Beetle Battles Continue This Spring At Rocky Mountain National Park

The battle between man and bug continues at Rocky Mountain National Park, where crews will be busy this spring trying to blunt the onslaught of bark beetles in the park's forests.