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Birding In The National Parks: Point Reyes National Seashore Is "Hallowed Ground" To Birders

A couple weeks ago we looked at the annual birding festival in Acadia National Park coming up this spring. Keeping in mind that not everyone can get to the East Coast frequently, it seems fitting to highlight the gem of west coast birding events: the Point Reyes Birding Festival.

National Park Service Assesses Accomplishments, Or Lack Thereof, Of The 112th Congress As It Applies To Parks

For the National Park Service, the 112th Congress, which was in session over 2011 and 2012, was notable more for what was not accomplished than what was. In a departure from all other sessions in recent memory, the two-year Congress that ended on January 3rd did not authorize any new national park units, national heritage areas, wild and scenic rivers, national trails, wilderness areas, or studies of potential new designations.

Yellowstone Association Offering Full-Tuition Scholarships For Teachers To Attend Field Seminars

Teachers interested in field programs in Yellowstone National Park are being encouraged to apply for full-tuition scholarships to attend Yellowstone Association seminars.

National Park Of American Samoa Divers Work To Protect Reefs By Killing Voracious Starfish

Though an intriguing and beautifully hued sea creature, the Crown-of-Thorn starfish can be deadly to coral reefs. That's why divers at National Park of American Samoa recently killed nearly 100 of the starfisjh.

Updated: Environmental Groups Hope President Obama Outlines Plan To Address Climate Change

When President Obama steps to the podium Tuesday evening to layout his agenda for the country, onlooking environmental groups hope he lays out a plan for tackling climate change driven by human actions.

Parks Beyond Borders / Video Feature: Nuuksio National Park—The Best Of Finland's Parks Just Minutes From Helsinki

Watch our new video to see why visiting a national park in another country doesn’t have to be hard—especially in Finland. Nuuksio National Park’s spectacular lakes and trails will be a major tourist attraction this summer when the park's hi-tech Finnish Nature Centre Haltia opens—a fast, easy bus ride from Helsinki.

Traveler's View: National Park Service Shouldn't Contribute To Technological Disconnect With Nature

While the National Park Service is moving ahead to test expanded cellphone and Wi-Fi service in some units of the National Park System, it should consider that testing carefully and measure it against the relative solitude and release from the seemingly nonstop attention wireless technology can demand that park visits provide.

Fire Island National Seashore Slow To Recover From Hurricane Sandy

Work to recover Fire Island National Seashore in New York from Hurricane Sandy continues, but it's too early to plan a Memorial Day Weekend escape there, according to national seashore officials.

Eastern National Park App Comes To 'Droids

It was just about a year ago that Eastern National, a non-proft that produces interpretive and educational materials for national parks, introduced its first cellphone app, for iPhones. Well, 'Droid users, your day is here. The organization just released a similar app for your phones.

Parks Beyond Borders: Take the Romance Train To Valentine’s Day In A World-Class National Park

With Valentine’s Day approaching, who wouldn’t lean toward cuddling up with someone special for a "Romancecar" train ride to a spectacular national park, especially one known for outdoorsy options where spas and great food are part of the program. Here's how easy it is to enjoy the trip.
The Centre Cannot Hold Nature's patterns can be stark and amusing, stunning, and noble. And when you look at them in black and white, devoid of color, they actually seem stronger, more pronounced. That's the effect of David Gulden's grand new book on African wildlife, a book that captures your eye and starts you dreaming about a photographic safari.

Poll Shows Westerners Want Protections For Public Lands, Frown on Fossil Fuels, Nuclear

A poll of Western attitudes on the environment shows some disagreement with politicians over public lands stewardship and energy generation.

Quick Ice Breakup Shows Challenge, And Dangers, Of Visiting Apostle Islands National Lakeshore's Ice Caves

Literally overnight the ice on Lake Superior at Apostle Islands National Lakeshore broke up, preventing an opportunity for visitors to walk across the ice and explore the lakeshore's "ice caves."

Voyageurs National Park To Capture Moose And Wolves For Long-Term Studies

A half dozen moose, and a couple wolves, are to be captured in Voyageurs National Park so they can be fitted with collars that will track their movements and gather information to help biologists understand how they're responding to climate change.

Construction On Pinto Road In Joshua Tree National Park Starts Monday

If you're heading to Joshua Tree National Park next week, you should know that about 11 miles of the Pinto Basin Road will be reconstructed, beginning Monday.

Mammoth Cave National Park's Diversity To Be Celebrated In Scientific Conference

“Celebrating the Diversity of Research in the Mammoth Cave Region” is the theme of a research symposium coming February 14 and 15 to the Rotunda Room of the Mammoth Cave Hotel in Mammoth Cave National Park.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Cherokee Tribe Hope Incentive Will Speed Road Repairs

Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians hope some financial incentives, and disincentives, will speed repairs to the Newfound Gap Road, which was severed by a landslide in January.

Yosemite National Park's Largest Glacier Goes Stagnant

The Lyell Glacier, the largest glacier in Yosemite National Park, has stagnated, or ceased its downhill movement, according to a recent study conducted by scientists from the National Park Service and the University of Colorado.

Fifteen Years Of Searching For Life In Great Smoky Mountains National Park To Be Celebrated In March

For going on 15 years now scientists and researchers have been sifting through the landscape of Great Smoky Mountains National Park -- from streambeds and caves into the tree tops -- to see just how much life there is. What they've found will be celebrated in March when a scientific conference is held in Gatlingburg.
Swamper: Letters from a Louisiana Swamp Rabbit What better way to explore nature than through the eyes of one of its residents? That's what Amy Griffin Ouchley thought when she sat down to write Swamper, Letters From A Louisiana Swamp Rabbit.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Continues To Suffer Damage From Torrential Rains

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which already has lost its main road to a rain-induced landslide, continues to suffer from torrential rains that are washing out other roads and even taking out a 70-foot-long foot bridge along the popular Chimney Tops Trail.

Series Of Snowshoe Hikes Planned At Voyageurs National Park

A weekly ranger-led snowshoe hike, including one by moonlight, is scheduled at Voyageurs National Park through the next month.

Biscayne National Park Closes Elliott Key Harbor And Campground To Protect Visitors From Themselves

After watching several boat captains swim to shore after dropping off passengers and gear at Elliott Key Harbor for camping, Biscayne National Park officials have decided to close the harbor and campground to prevent possible drownings.

Himalayan Shangri-La: The Annapurna Circuit, Experience An Ancient Culture On This Classic Nepal Trek

The old school bus rumbles to life with a painful metallic grinding and we roll forward, our chariot rocking side to side down a rutted, muddy street of a small crossroads town called Dumre in central Nepal. Angling down a hillside, the bus lists heavily to starboard and moves too slowly to escape its own cloud of choking exhaust, which drifts in through the open windows.

Dinosaur National Monument Officials Want To Resurface Deerlodge Road

Folks who run the Yampa River through Dinosaur National Monument access the river at Deerlodge Park, and if you've been down that road lately you know it's a bit bumpy. Monument officials want to improve that condition with a rehabilitation project.

Updated: Sally Jewell, CEO Of Outdoor Gear Retailer REI, To Be Nominated As Interior Secretary

Sally Jewell, who runs the outdoor gear retailer REI, is to be nominated to replace retiring Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, it was being reported this morning.

Body Found In Rocky Mountain National Park Thought To Be That Of Missing Texan

A body found propped up against a tree in Rocky Mountain National Park by two snowshoers is thought to be that of a Texas man missing since late last week.

Reader Participation Day: Will Expanded Wi-Fi Enhance The National Park Experience?

Will expanded wireless service for cellphones and the Internet enhance your national park experience, or will it clutter it with a technological Disneyification of the parks, one that will detract from, not add to, the national park experience?

Big Cypress National Preserve Facing Lawsuit Over Off-Road Vehicle Networks

National Park Service officials are facing a lawsuit over off-road vehicle access in Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida, where opponents say preserve officials are over-reaching with trail networks.
Big-Cypress-Secondary-Trails-Notice-Letter.pdf89.3 KB

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Proposing Increase In Campground Fees

With springtime drawing near, another park is proposing an inrease in campground fees. At Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Kentucky, a hike of not quite 15 percent in the fees charged at the Wilderness Road Campground is under consideration.