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Mount Rainier National Park Will Rehabilitate Camp Muir Historic District

Historic Camp Muir, a touchstone of sorts and a welcoming shelter for climbers on the upper reaches of Mount Rainier, will be rehabilitated by the National Park Service.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Decision Not To Use Wolves To Reduce Elk Upheld By Appellate Court

Rocky Mountain National Park managers acted properly within the National Environmental Policy Act and the National Park Service Organic Act when they decided not to use wolves to reduce the elk population in their park, an appellate court has ruled.
10th Circuit-ROMO Wolves.pdf1.35 MB

Cape Hatteras National Seashore Offering Programs On Shipwrecks And "Cownose Rays"

Winter might not be the best time to enter the Atlantic at Cape Hatteras National Seashore, but it's a grea time to learn more about shipwrecks off the barrier island and a unique species of ray that swims its waters.

Parks Beyond Borders: "Down-Trod Abbey"—A National Park Estate Shares Secrets In Ireland

If you’ve been glued to the telly watching the ins-and-outs of life upstairs and down at Downton Abbey, you’ve no doubt been impressed by elaborately upscale expectations of life lived on the grand scale. There's no better place to see that than in Muckross Hopuse, in Ireland's Killarney National Park.

Traveler's View: Proposed Monument Around Canyonlands National Park Deserves Serious Consideration

A proposal to create a 1.4-million-acre national monument wrapping Canyonlands National Park in Utah should not be dismissed out of hand, but receive serious consideration from the Obama administration. And it should receive equally serious consideration from Utah officials who promote the state's recreational wonders in one breath and demand a turnover of federal lands in the next.

Grand Teton National Park Might Preserve For Educational Purposes Mule Deer Head With Atypical Antlers

Mule deer buck, Grand Teton National Park
A big mule deer buck that gained renown around Grand Teton National Park not just for its overall size, but also for its unusual antler configuration, has died of natural causes and has been recovered by rangers.

What To Look For When Shopping For Bear Spray For Your Next National Park Adventure

Summer backpack trips and hikes are months away, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be making up gear lists in January or February. And if you're heading to a national park frequented by grizzly or black bears, you'd be wise to look into bear sprays.

Rangers Will Show You Around Wupatki National Monument In Arizona

Rangers at Wupatki National Monument in Arizona will be leading "Discovery Hikes" through the monument on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month through March 23.

And Then There Were 59....

Update your national park list, folks, for there are now 59, not 58, "national parks" in the National Park System.

Nesting Birds Prompt Seasonal Closure Of Paurotis Pond At Everglades National Park

Hundreds of endangered Wood Storks are settling down for the nesting season at Paurotis Pond in Everglades National Park, and that means the pond and the surrounding area have been temporarily closed to visitors.

21st Century Conservation Service Corps Intended To Put Youth, Veterans To Work On Public Lands

With a nod to the success of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s, a number of federal agencies have agreed to move forward with the Obama administration's 21st Century Conservation Service Corps to put youth and veterans to work across the public landscape.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park Counted Nearly 9.7 Million Visitors In 2012

A large jump in visitation at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in 2012 over 2011 is being attributed to mild weather during the winter and spring months.

Winter Snowshoe Adventure Planned At Voyageurs National Park

If you enjoy the dark, don't mind the cold, and like to explore by snowshoe, considering joining the Night Light Snowshoe Hike at Voyageurs national Park later this month.

Boaters At Lake Mead National Recreation Area Take Notice: Echo Bay Marina Facilities Are Closing

Boaters at Lake Mead National Recreation Area will need to pay much closer attention to their fuel supplies after the first of February—the Echo Bay Marina is ending operations. That leaves boaters on the huge lake's Overton Arm without any sources of water-based fuel or other marine services.

Blizzard Of '88 To Be Recalled At Homestead National Monument Of America

So many children were killed by the blizzard that swept the Plains states on January 12, 1888, that the storm became known as "the Children's Blizzard." Beginning Saturday, you'll be able to learn more about this storm at Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska.

Find Yourself In Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Climbing Waterfalls

Propose a visit to a national lakeshore, and most folks will think you're talking about a warm-weather visit. But as the following video shows, winter can be a wonderful time to visit Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore to climb some waterfalls.

Reader Participation Day: Which Is The Most Overlooked, Or Under Appreciated, Unit Of The National Park System?

There are nearly 400 units in the National Park System, and not all are loved the same. Which, in your opinion, is the most overlooked or underappreciated unit of all?

More Than 900 Species New To Science Found In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Stand in Great Smoky Mountains National Park and you can't help but be enthralled by the lush forests and rolling mountains that surround you. Though a somewhat old landscape to modern civilization, the park continues to toss surprises in terms of the species that inhabit it.

Tap Into The 2013 Natchez Trace Parkway Visitors Guide

Considering a drive down the 444-mile-long Natchez Trace Parkway this year? There's a brand new guide out there to help you plan your journey.

Yosemite National Park Issues Massive Draft Plan Addressing Merced River And The Yosemite Valley

A reading frenzy was kicked off Tuesday when a massive draft plan for managing the wild and scenic Merced River through Yosemite National Park was released, a plan park officials hope will end years of litigation over visitor impacts on both the river and the Yosemite Valley.

National Park Service Issues Prospectus For Glacier Bay National Park Concessions

The National Park Service recently issued a prospectus requesting bids for providing lodging, food service, retail, and boat tours in Alaska’s Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. The proposed 10-year contract is to become effective January 1, 2014.

Photography In The National Parks: Sunrises, Sunsets And Silky Waters

Sunrise from Park Point, Mesa Verde NP, copyright Rebecca Latson
Sunrises, sunsets, and silky waters. We all strive to capture those images during our tours of the national parks, but what are the keys we need to focus on to succeed?

NPS Doles Out $27 Million In Historic Preservation Grants To States, Tribes

The National Park Service has released $27 million in historic preservation grants to states and tribes for use in preserving historic sites across the country.

112th Congress Took Backward Steps When It Came To Designating Wilderness In National Park System

Not only did the 112th Congress fail to pass any legislation creating additional wilderness in the National Park System, but it turns out the body actually cut some official wilderness out of the system.

Renovations To Upgrade Sugarlands Visitor Center In Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Starting January 7, the Sugarlands Visitor Center in Great Smoky Mountains National Park near Gatlinburg, Tennessee undergoes renovations to improve the layout of the main lobby and visitor contact area.

Yosemite National Park Will Limit Traffic Up Half Dome To 300 Per Day

Making the day-long trek to the summit of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park will be a bit trickier beginning this summer, as park officials have decided to limit to 300 the number of hikers allowed to reach the dome top each day.

Parks Beyond Borders: Winter Fun, and Budget Cuts, Come To Canada's Banff

Canada's iconic Banff National Park will host second annual Snow Days festival from January 10th to February 12th as new park superintendent discusses the impact of Parks Canada budget cuts.

Out And About The Parks: A Potpourri Of Tidbits, From A New "National Park" To Exploring The High Sierra

A look at some newsworthy tidbits from around the National Park System.

Guest Column: Congress Has Some Unfinished Business To Address When It Comes To National Parks

While “do-nothing” is the adjective du jour for the 112th Congress, we argue that it is not a fair description for individual elected officials, but instead for the unfortunate, collective sum.

Rocky Mountain National Park Rangers Ready To Take You Snowshoeing In The Park

Exploring Rocky Mountain National Park by snowshoe is a wondrous experience, and park rangers are ready to lead you into this park this winter.