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Updated: Oyster Company Sues Interior Department In Bid To Remain At Point Reyes National Seashore

An oyster company denied an extension on its lease to operate in Point Reyes National Seashore has gone to court in a bid to overturn that decision, arguing that Interior Secretary Ken Salazar acted rashly and without cause to deny the extension.
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Cost To Fight Fern Lake Fire At Rocky Mountain National Park Surpasses $3 Million

The Fern Lake Fire, which has gone through varying stages of smoldering and flaring up since it was first spotted back in October, has cost the National Park Service more than $3 million to combat and the bill continues to rise.

A View From The Overlook: Conspiracies And The Parks

Interested in a good conspiracy theory? There are plenty in the National Park System.

Zion National Park Has Been Added To Traveler's Collection Of Essential Park Guides

Heading to Zion National Park? Check out Traveler's Essential Guide to the park. It provides an overview of the park, some history, information on lodging, camping, and hiking, and a geology section.

Vicksburg National Military Park To Mark 150th Anniversary Of Sinking Of USS Cairo

One-hundred-and-fifty years ago, the USS Cairo was sunk by Confederate forces on December 12. To mark that event, Vicksburg National Military Park will have a special commemoration on Saturday.

Restoring The 'Million Dollar Room' In Yellowstone National Park With The Yellowstone Park Foundation's Help

Millions of Yellowstone visitors have browsed the Old Faithful Lower Hamilton Store, or enjoyed views of Geyser Hill from its famous knotty pine porch. The vast majority, though, have never heard about a special enclave inside called the Million Dollar Room.

Crater Lake National Park Taking Applications For Artist-in-Residence

The Crater Lake National Park Science & Learning Center is accepting applications for the 2013 Artist-in-Residence program at the park. Application forms and more information are available online and are due by February 1, 2013.

Exploring Crabtree Falls In The Blue Ridge Parkway

What are you looking for on your Blue Ridge Parkway visit—camping, a picnic area, a gift shop, a restaurant, waterfalls, great hiking, or ranger programs? Crabtree Falls has it all!

President, First Family To Light National Christmas Tree On Thursday

President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their family will officially light the National Christmas Tree on Thursday at the 90th annual holiday tree lighting ceremony on the Ellipse in President’s Park.

Birding In The National Parks: Counting Birds This Christmas Season

As the National Park Service approaches its centennial, one of birding’s grand traditions is turning 113 years old this winter. Yes, it’s Christmas Bird Count time, and things are a little different this year.

Weather Helping Firefighters In Rocky Mountain National Park

Weather, which has hampered firefighters battling a wildfire in Rocky Mountain National Park, seemed to turn into an ally Monday as cooler temperatures and lighter winds settled over the fire.

Add To Your Collection Of National Park Memorabilia

How do you collect your national park memories?

Going, Going, Guam: Non-Native Snakes Threaten National Park Ecosystems

The threat posed by the introduction of non-native giant snakes into the United States has become an increasingly large concern. The American Bird Conservancy (ABC is joining in the fight to ban importation of several species of such snakes with support of H.R. 511 –"To Prohibit the Importation of Various Injurious Species of Constrictor Snakes."

Public/Private Partnership Quintuples Gaines' Mill Battlefield

Thanks to the Civil War Trust and the Commonwealth of Virginia, the Gaines Mill unit of Richmond National Battlefield Park has grown from the 65 acres protected since the 1920s to 345 acres. The new acreage protects the site of some of the bloodiest fighting of the Seven Days’ Battles.

Passport® Picks For Winter In The National Parks

Winter is upon us and though some of our parks have closed their visitor centers for the season, there are still many ways to enjoy our national parks! We've put together this list to highlight some of the activities that are taking place in December, January, and February. Pack up the car, grab your Passport®, and explore the parks!

Exploring The Parks: Trail Of Tears National Historic Trail

Trail of Tears National HIstoric Trails tells an unpleasant chapter of U.S. history.

Parks Beyond Borders: Austrian National Park May Add To Europe’s Growing Wilderness System

Hohe Tauern National Park in Austria, the largest park preserve in the Alps, is close to designating a parcel around the Grossvenediger peaks as the country’s first wilderness area—part of an emerging European system of wild areas spearheaded by the PAN Park Foundation.

Climbing To The Top Of A 247-Foot Sequoia Tree Just Part Of The Job For David Quammen

For a few wonderful minutes, David Quammen was perched amid the snow-clad branches of "the President," a soaring, sturdy sequoia that is acknowledged as the second-largest tree in the world.
Traveling through Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve in winter isn't done easily. Often the best way to travel is by dogsled, as this slideshow makes clear.

Mark The Winter Solstice With Special Program At Aztec Ruins National Monument

The arrival of the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice, will be marked at Aztec Ruins National Monument in New Mexico with a special luminaria event involving 2,000 glowing luminaria.

Fern Lake Fire Flares Up, Leads To Evacuation Order For Parts Of Gateway Town To Rocky Mountain National Park

A stubborn wildfire in Rocky Mountain National Park that has been smoldering and actively burning off and on since early October has flared up under gusting winds, forcing authorities to order the evacuation of outlying areas of Estes Park, Colorado.

Searching For Owls At Obed Wild And Scenic River In Tennessee

Can you tell the difference between the Eastern Screech Owl and the Barred Owl just from their hoots? On December 14 a program at Obed Wild and Scenic River in Tennessee will revolve around the differences in their calls and looking for them in the park.