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Trail Ridge Road Through Rocky Mountain National Park Closes For The Winter

If your guess for the date Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park would close for the winter was October 17, please step forward to claim your prize!

Wilderness Weekend On Tap In Shenandoah National Park This Weekend

Though it's surrounded by development, cross into Shenandoah National Park and you'll find a surprisingly large amount of acreage that is managed as wilderness and which appears much as it did 100, or even 200 years ago. This weekend you can celebrate that wild setting during the park's annual "Wilderness Weekend."

A View From The Overlook: Forbidden Islands

There are islands open to the public, and there are "forbidden" islands that are privately owned. But there also are islands being held in trust for their environmental assets.

Reader Participation Day: What Are You Reading?

As summer gives way to fall, and fall to winter, we usually have more time to read, as there's less daylight outside. So what related to the national parks are you reading these days?

Missing Backpackers Kept Their Senses About Them While Awaiting Rescue In Glacier National Park

Mid-winter conditions with heavy snows and strong, gusting winds, and a few missteps, forced two Virginia men to hunker down in the backcountry of Glacier National Park and wait out the storm with hopes rangers would find them.

Cedar Breaks National Monument In Utah Getting Ready For Winter

Snowfall already has been recorded in Utah's high country, and for Cedar Breaks National Monument that means the end of the busy travel season and time to prepare for the quieter winter season.

Good News For The Popular Chimney Tops Trail At Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The spectacular views from the Chimney Tops Trail make the two-mile route one of the most popular in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, but heavy use and steep terrain have resulted in major resource damage and safety issues. Here's good news: phase one of a project to rehab the trail has just been completed.

"Can You Hear Me Now?" Verizon Wants To Erect Cell Tower Near Lake In Yellowstone National Park

Is cell service in Yellowstone National Park important enough to you that a 100-foot cell tower should be erected near the Lake area in the park?

Missing Backpackers In Glacier National Park Found

Two backpackers missing in the rugged backcountry of Glacier National Park were found Monday afternoon after enduring four days of wintry conditions that included 18 inches of fresh snow.

National Park Service Sued Over Decision To Expand Transmission Corridor Through Delaware Water Gap NRA

Top National Park Service officials again have found themselves sued by conservation groups over one of their permitting decisions, this time in response to a decision to allow the expansion of a transmission corridor through the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and two other units of the park system.

Searchers Have Little To Go On In Hunt For Two Missing Backpackers In Glacier National Park

Wintry weather conditions have been making the search for two missing backpackers in Glacier National Park particularly difficult, both because of the cold and snow in general and because that snow could be covering up some clues.

Creature Feature: Piping Plovers Face Challenges But Keep On Piping

The piping plover, Charadrius melodus, sparks recreation area closures in many parts of the national park system drawing critics and champions all across the country and causing a much larger stir than its tiny size suggests.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota State Parks Feeling Pressures Of Energy Boom

On clear, calm nights, from the top of Buck Hill you can see them flickering off in the distance. Not campfires, but rather gas flares, emblematic of North Dakota's energy boom, glimmering after dark. Here, in the South Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, the flares are just one sign of how the boom, spurred in large part by fracking, are impacting the park.

Check Out The Dome Car Now Being Pulled By The Grand Canyon Railway

Next time you intend to ride the Grand Canyon Railway to Grand Canyon National Park, be sure to check out the completely refurbished full-length dome car dubbed the "Fred Harvey."
Who Pooped in the Park? Big Bend National Park: Scat and Tracks for Kids Scatalogically speaked, this book delivers all the poop on Big Bend National Park. So to speak.

Search Under Way For Missing Backpackers In Glacier National Park

A search has been ongoing in Glacier National Park for two hikers who failed to catch their flight from Montana back to the East Coast as scheduled.

Parks Beyond Borders: Leaf-Peeping Picnics In Korea, Tanzania's Tiniest, More Shore For Canada's Gulf Islands

An global roundup of national park news—this week in Korea, Tanzania and Canada.

Looking For Fall Colors? Consider A Drive Down The Natchez Trace

Fall colors are starting to hit their stride in the East, with colorful displays from Acadia National Park down into Alabama and Mississippi. If you live in the South, a ride along the Natchez Trace Parkway will offer you a kaleidoscope of fall foliage.

Five "Lodging And Learning" Packages Available In Yellowstone National Park This Winter

Five "lodging and learning" packages are available to visitors heading to Yellowstone National Park this winter.

National Park Service Releases New Children’s Music CD

Songs, and stories read aloud, can lend an aural dimension to the history of the United States. A new compact disc released by the National Park Service brings some lessons about national parks and natural resources in the parks home to children.

Yellowstone National Park Proposing To Improve Heart Lake And Basin Creek Cutoff Trails

Yellowstone National Park officials are seeking public comments on a proposal to complete routine trail work on segments of the Heart Lake and Basin Creek Cutoff trails in the southeastern corner of the park.

Groups Intend To Sue Over Lack Of Critical Habitat For Loggerhead Turtles Along Atlantic Coast

Though thousands of loggerhead sea turtles, a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, nest along the Atlantic Coast each year, the National Marine Fisheries Service has not yet designated habitat critical to the species' survival, according to conservation groups planning to sue over that lack of designation.

Sacred Ceremonial Horse Ride At Fort Laramie National Historic Site On October 15

A sacred ceremonial horse ride involving Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara tribal members is scheduled to take place Monday, October 15, at Fort Laramie National Historic Site in eastern Wyoming.

Caving Season At Timpanogos Cave National Monument Soon To End

With fall foliage season in Utah having just about reached its peak, winter shouldn't be far behind. And that means cave tours at Timpanogos Cave National Monument will soon end for the year.

Prickly Job Ahead At Joshua Tree National Park

This is one thorny job. Beginning October 15 and continuing through the end of December, a contractor will be working along the Pinto Basin Road in Joshua Tree National Park to salvage up to 800 cholla plants prior to a road straightening project slated to begin in 2013

Two Canyoneers Who Underestimated Zion National Park Rescued By Rangers

Two canyoneers who headed off into Heaps Canyon in Zion National Park over-estimated the challenge before them and had to be rescued by park rangers three days after they ventured into the canyon.

Civil War Cannons At Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Magnets For Graffiti

Kilroy? Not likely, as his graffiti rose to fame during World War II. Nevertheless, present-day graffiti artists are finding the Civil War cannons at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Kentucky irresistable for their scribblings.

Private Inholding In Zion National Park Will Be Donated To National Park Service

A privately owned 30-acre tract in the shadow of Tabernacle Dome inside Zion National Park has been acquired by two non-profit organizations that intend to donate it to the park.

Artist In Residence At Mesa Verde National Park To Exhibit Her Artworks Saturday

Visitors to Mesa Verde National Park this weekend will get a bonus if they stop by the Far View Lodge, where painter Jan Wright will be exhibiting water colors of the park she did while serving as Mesa Verde's artist-in-residence.

Miami Students Gain Access To Biscayne National Park Through "Ticket To Ride" Program

Nearly 2,000 Miami students will have an opportunity to visit Biscayne National Park thanks to the National Park Foundation's Ticket To Ride program.