I was first lured into the world of the NPS by way of the Wonderful World of Disney, through their programing. Having grown up in Chicago, I never would thought that I was never going to see Yellowstone National Park. We always went to the Indiana Dunes, but that was it. After I was married, our honeymoon was spent in Rocky Mountain National Park. That was in 1980. About 5 yrs later, My husband and I went to Yellowstone for the 1st time, and we have been there numerous times afterwords. We moved to Denver and since then, we have been to Glaicer, Mesa Verde, Arches, Carlsbad Caverns, The little Big Horn, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Pawnee National Grass lands just to name a few. I have a active interest in the Sioux wars and the settlement of the west. Thank you Dee Brown, for that interest. We go as often as we can, to the national parks. There are some that I still need to see, like how did I miss Canyonlands while I was in Moab, or Capital Reef, Zion etc. But that is the beauty of living in Denver. I am centered in a state, that I can travel to these places with in a day of driving. When I retire fulltime, then the traveling with be more intense, as that is something that Hubby and I like to do. I would also like to see as many of the national parks as I can. They are a inspiration to me.


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