President Bush's Dog, Barney, a Junior Park Ranger at White House

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NPS Director Bomar gives Barney a Junior Ranger Ceremony; White House video.

NPS Director Bomar gives President Bush's dog Barney a Junior Ranger ceremony; White House video.

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This is a White House produced video called Barney Cam VI: "Holiday in the National Parks". I've shared it here for the NPT audience because of the National Park related content and the collection of NPS decision makers. It's got Secretary Kempthorne selling Barney on the Centennial Initiative, Director Bomar taking time to give the dog some Junior Ranger status, and of course the champion for the Junior Ranger program, Mrs. Laura Bush. If you've got a few minutes to spare, set politics aside and enjoy a corny, but somewhat amusing video. Full transcript and other material (including all the music available as mp3s) at the official White House holiday site.

And, as mentioned by both Bush and Kempthorne in the video, the White House grounds are indeed managed by the National Park Service. Here's the official NPS site for President's Park (White House).

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Jeremy, I have had three scottish terriers in the past and plan to get a fourth. Barney makes me well up in tears, reminding me of my dear Keri that I had to put down (cancer) a couple months ago. After 15 years of being a faithful little companion the Christmas time brings back warm memories of her. Barney displays the same disposition and swaggered walk of alertness. Well, in regards to Bush and Bomar and Barney...that's another story! However, a cute Christmas sharing this time of year and a nice warm remembrance of my little dog.

Does this mean that as a Junior Ranger Barney can now explore our National Parks off leash?

My little scottie did but she stayed on the trails!

I highlighted this on my website as well, and I have to say that the dogs were the better actors in this flick. Bomar and W were pretty awful. And when Kempthorne was making various points with his index finger pointing here, there, and at Barney, you can tell Barney thinks he's being scolded (look at those eyes!).

However the kids will love it. And if you really want to educate, entertain, and motivate the kids to help the parks and the planet (and perhaps motivate yourself as well), I'd suggest a great 20-minute film at

I wonder if Barney received the same Jr. Ranger activity kit that my kids found 10 minutes of amusement with, or if he got the special "Milk Bone" edition.

Just like all good Junior Rangers, Barney must follow the rules, for his own benefit!
At certain parks, the scent of non-native animals such as dogs can attract dangerous animals that might hurt a pet or deter native animals that need to wander near trails in the evenings to obtain food.

Junior Rangers promise to help protect and preserve our National Parks, and are very careful to be aware of what the rules are at different parks and places to help keep them wonderful places for visitors and "local residents" (animals) alike!