Interview with Lewis & Clark Interpreter

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Craig Rockwell as William Clark
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When I was at the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial event in Billings, MT recently, I brought along a portable audio recorder. I had the opportunity to chat with a fellow who has portrayed William Clark across the country at nearly all of the national Lewis & Clark events the last few years. The person's name is Craig "Rocky" Rockwell and he is an interpreter who works for the Army Corps of Engineers. Rocky's got a lot of good stories to share about his experience traveling the trail, and he agreed to share some of them in an informal interview. The running time of the interview is about 25 minutes total. Just hit the little arrow "play" button to listen (if you don't see a red bar below, you may need to get the Flash player). The recording happened at an outdoor booth, so there was a lot of extra background noise. I've tried to edit out of as much of that extra noise as possible.

Two things I found of particular interest in his story: 1) I am amazed at how much time and effort has gone into this role 2) Rocky's perspective about having the story of Lewis & Clark be a source of national pride and healing for Americans after 9/11.

Let me know if you like having audio here. If it is well received, I'll try to add more in the future.

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