Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park: The First 100 Years Though Rocky Mountain National Park doesn't mark its centennial until next year, there's no reason you can't celebrate now with a book that looks back over those 100 years.

NPCA: States Should Be Repaid For Opening National Parks During October Shutdown

The National Parks Conservation Association is urging Congress to repay those states that made it possible for a handful of national parks to open for business during last October's shutdown.

Which National Park Drives Are On Your 2014 Calendar?

With the travel season not too far off, you should be planning your national park adventures. If you're looking for a great scenic drive, we offer the following for your consideration.

Reader Participation Day: Should A National Park Ever Host Winter Olympics Events?

With all the current attention on the Winter Olympics, we have a two-part question for this week's Reader Participation Day. In an earlier era, a U. S. National Park was one of three finalists vying for the right to host the 1932 Winter Olympics. Do you know which park was in contention then...and should a NPS site ever be considered for some events for a future Winter Games?

Osprey Tracking At Rocky Mountain National Park

Anyone with Internet access will be able to follow two osprey as they nest in and around Rocky Mountain National Park thanks to a cooperative program designed to follow the birds from their breeding grounds to their wintering grounds.

Honorary Chair Of Rocky Mountain National Park’s Upcoming Centennial Celebration Brings Long Family Ties To The Position

It's not unusual for major public events to have an Honorary Chair, someone with local name recognition to aid in promotion of the activity. Rocky Mountain National Park will begin its Centennial Celebration on September 4, 2014, but the selection of Senator Mark Udall as Honorary Chair for the Anniversary Celebration has an interesting personal and historical connection.

National Park Service Staffers Warned Not To 'Toke Up' In Washington State Or Colorado

Dude, if you value your National Park Service job, don't toke up, not even in Washington state or Colorado, where the adults 21 and older can light up legally.

Birding In The National Parks: Are You Planning Your Park Birding Trips For The Year?

Much of the northern half of the country is locked into winter now, which makes it a perfect time to plan your birding trips for the rest of the year.

Rocky Mountain National Park Seeking Input On Proposal To Open Short Trail To Mountain Bikes

Public input is being sought on a draft environmental assessment that examines a proposal to open a 2-mile-long trail at Rocky Mountain National Park to mountain bikes.

Monday Brings Free Entrance To All 401 Units Of National Park System

If you're lucky enough to have Monday off in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, treat yourself with a visit to your nearest national park. Monday is the first of nine days this year when entrance fees to the parks will be waived.

Rangers Resort To Backcountry "Boot Roast" To Help Lost Rocky Mountain National Park Hiker

Hiking in deep snow in Rocky Mountain National Park wearing leather boots, jeans, and cotton socks, was not smart. Rangers armed with a backpacking stove in their packs to thaw out the man's boots was.

Enjoy Rocky Mountain National Park On Snowshoes, Skis, Sleds And More

Rocky Mountain National Park includes some top-tier scenery and opportunities for enjoying the out-of-doors all year long, and some fans of the park say winter is their favorite season at "Rocky." Upcoming activities in the park include ranger-led snowshoe walks, cross-country ski tours and full moon walks, and areas for winter camping and sledding are also available.
The Once and Future World: Nature As It Was, As It Is, As It Could Be Is the natural world that surrounds you the same as the one that surrounded your parents, or your grandparents? What about that of your great-grandparents? The short answer, of course, is 'no.'

Special Programs Planned At Rocky Mountain National Park During Holidays

Looking for some fun family activities during the holidays? Check out the lineup at Rocky Mountain National Park.

It's Been A Tough Year For Rocky Mountain National Park

As Rocky Mountain National Park and highway officials ponder what to do about reopening the Alluvial Fan area and Old Fall River Road following the destruction wrought by the September floods that scoured so much of Colorado’s Front Range, it is worth noting that Bear Lake Road easily survived the floods.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Old Fall River Road To Remain Closed To Vehicles Through 2014

The Old Fall River Road, which ascends slowly through a picturesque corner of Rocky Mountain National Park to near the summit of Trail Ridge Road, will be closed to vehicles throughout 2014 due to storm damage sustained in September.

Around The Parks: Give Back Shenandoah, Point Reyes NS Elk, Rocky Mountain NP Visitation Plunges

A Virginia politician wants the state to take back Shenandoah National Park, ranchers say there are too many elk at Point Reyes National Seashore, and plunging visitation at Rocky Mountain National Park is costly.

Drive Under Way In Colorado To Gain License Plate Honoring Rocky Mountain National Park

Colorado motorists might soon have the option of showing their support for Rocky Mountain National Park on their license plates.

Time To Apply For Rocky Mountain National Park's Artist-In-Residence Program

Got some artistic talent that fed best when you're surrounded by national park splendor? Then apply for one of the slots in Rocky Mountain National Park's 2014 Artist-in-Residence program.

Snow Closes Trail Ridge Road In Rocky Mountain National Park For The Winter

Right on schedule, Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park closed for the season Tuesday due to accumulating snowfall.

Around The Shutdown: Which National Parks Are Open Today?

Wondering which national parks have been able to reopen with state funding? Here's a list, and the dates the parks are to remain open...barring some resolution in Washington or more funding from the states.

Coalition Of National Park Service Retirees Worried About Pressure On National Park Service

National Park Service officials have found themselves turned into political pawns, first as the administration's face of the government shutdown and now by being splintered through a handful of park openings.

Seeing The Parks By Webcam During The Shutdown

Among the many casualties of the government shutdown are some of the popular webcam views of locations around the National Park System, since NPS and some other government web services have been disabled for the duration of the dispute. If you enjoy the ability to check in on favorite park locations via those cameras, all is not lost, however, and we'll provide some tips about park webcam views provided by non-government sources.

Updated: Colorado Follows Utah's Lead, Rocky Mountain National Park To Reopen Saturday

Colorado officials quickly followed Utah in working out an agreement Friday with the Interior Department to reopen Rocky Mountain National Park on Saturday.

Just About All Of Rocky Mountain National Park Open To Visitors

Just about all of Rocky Mountain National Park, which was hit by torrential flooding two weeks ago, has been reopened to visitors.

More Terrain Opening On Eastern Side Of Rocky Mountain National Park

More and more terrain slowly is being opened to Rocky Mountain National Park visitors as cleanup of this month's flood debris and damage makes progress.

Trail Ridge Road Through Rocky Mountain National Park Closed For Heavy Equipment Convoy

While Trail Ridge Road through Rocky Mountain National Park has remained open, when weather allowed, in the wake of this month's flooding, it was to close today to allow a convoy of heavy equipment to reach Estes Park, Colorado.

Despite Flooding, Elk Fest Will Go On At Rocky Mountain National Park

Despite the torrential rains that fell on Rocky Mountain National Park and its surrounding communities earlier this month, elk still sing in the park and the folks in Estes Park, Colorado, are going ahead with their "Elk Fest" this coming weekend.

More Trails Opening In Rocky Mountain National Park, New Directions To Park

As damage assessments continue in Rocky Mountain National Park in the wake of last week's rain storms, visitors are finding more terrain to access.

Assistance Fund Created For Rocky Mountain National Park

An assistance fund has been set up to help Rocky Mountain National Park recover from last week's torrential rain storms.
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