Pinnacles National Park

After 125 Years, Pinnacles National Monument Becomes The Nation’s Newest 'National Park'

Pinnacles National Park took 125 years to become the nation’s newest designated parkland. But it took immensely longer for the mountains to arrive at the present location 40 miles southeast of Salinas, California.

Around The Parks: Wine Sales, Park Fees, Point Reyes Seals

A glance around the National Park System seems to show wine sales can benefit the parks, more and more user fees are being approved despite a five-year-old "moratorium" against them, and Point Reyes National Seashore has had a bumper crop of seals this year.

Pinnacles National Park Seeking To Double Entrance Fee To Support Shuttle Buses

Officials at Pinnacles National Park in California are proposing to double the cost of entering the park, to $10, to help fund their shuttle bus system.

Grand Canyon National Park Ranger Honored As Park Service's Top Ranger

A Grand Canyon National Park ranger, one who you might see dangling from a helicopter to help an injured visitor, has been honored as the National Park Service's top ranger.

And Then There Were 59....

Update your national park list, folks, for there are now 59, not 58, "national parks" in the National Park System.
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