North Cascades National Park

North Cascades Institute Offers Summer Programs For Kids to Learn in the Outdoors

Wondering what to do with your kids this coming summer? At the North Cascades Institute, there are a few great programs that will not only keep them busy, but teach them something about the great outdoors in and around North Cascades National Park.

Please Welcome Traveler's New, and Returning, Sponsors!

Here at the Traveler we'd like to warmly welcome two new organizations, and one old friend, back to our list of sponsors: Holiday River Expeditions, the North Cascades Institute, and the Yellowstone Association Institute.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agrees Wolverines Need ESA Protection, But They'll Have to Wait

Too many species, too little staff. That's the roadblock preventing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service from immediately adding the wolverine to the list of species with protection under the Endangered Species Act.

How Might Fatal Attack By Mountain Goat Change Backcountry Dynamics in National Parks?

Mountain goats have been described as "supreme mountaineers," can appear somewhat professorial in appearance with their goatees, and have uncanny agility. Now, in the tragic wake of a hiker being fatally gored in the Olympic National Park backcountry, some might also describe them as killers.

100 Years of Apples and History at the Buckner Orchard in the North Cascades

For a full century the Buckner family has been growing apples in the scenic Stehekin Valley in Washington's North Cascades. The orchard is now managed as part of North Cascades National Park Complex, with some vital help from the Stehekin Community and the Buckner Homestead Heritage Foundation.

North Cascades National Park Working On Plan To Improve Access To Stehekin River Corridor

Weary no doubt of floods that time and again have impeded access to the Stehekin area of North Cascades National Park, officials are fine-tuning a draft environmental impact statement that examines possible changes to the Stehekin River corridor.

Reward Offered in Bear Poaching Case at North Cascades National Park

The illegal killing of two black bears in late August in North Cascades National Park has promoted the posting of a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible. The reward is being offered by The Humane Society of the United States and The Humane Society Wildlife Land Trust.

National Park Quiz 86: Ringer III

Only nine of these ten statements are true. Can you tell which one is not?

Body of Missing Climber Found in North Cascades National Park

The body of a Seattle attorney who planned to climb Storm King Mountain in North Cascades National Park by himself has been found on a steep slope of the mountain, according to park officials.

Full Senate To Consider Various Park Bills,

A small handful of bills that would impact the National Park System have been sent to the full Senate for consideration. Among them is legislation that would shift Valles Caldera National Preserve out from under a trust and into the park system.

Reader Participation Day: Visit Wyoming's National Parks, or Those in Washington State?

It was quite a battle last week when we asked whether you would rather visit Utah's national parks or those in California. Well, here's another head-scratcher: Would you first head to Wyoming and Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, or Washington State with Olympic, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier national parks?

Fundraisers Funnel Nearly $300,000 to Olympic, North Cascades, and Mount Rainier National Parks

Thanks to a series of fundraisers held by Washington's National Park Fund, nearly $300,000 is being funneled to Mount Rainier, Olympic, and North Cascades national parks for projects in the parks.

North Cascades Institute Offers Overnight "Base Camp" Program

Looking for an affordable way to learn more about North Cascades National Park and hone some skills at the same time? Consider attending the "Base Camp" program offered by the North Cascades Institute.

Odds and Ends From Around the National Park System

Items, some interesting, some perhaps not, from around the National Park System for a Monday morning's consideration.
Dream Hikes Coast to Coast: Your Guide to America In Dream Hikes Coast to Coast author Jack Bennett has done something more than a few folks would like to do: Head out on some great hikes, and then write about them. In assembling his hiking list, he took an approach that is both laudable...and disappointing.

Republicans on House Natural Resources Committee Complain About Northern Border Problems

Environmental laws such as the Endangered Species Act are preventing the United States from properly securing its border with Canada and should be suspended, according to Republicans on the House Natural Resources Committee.

Mark Your Calendars: North Cascades National Park Primer, Introductions May 26

It's not too many national parks will come to you, but that, essentially, is what's happening late this month when there will be a gathering at the REI store in Seattle to introduce folks to North Cascades National Park.

By the Numbers: The North Cascades National Park Service Complex

Located less than 90 miles from Seattle, Washington’s sprawling North Cascades National Park Service Complex is a treasure trove of ecological diversity and a rugged wilderness playground for sightseers, hikers, climbers, and boaters.

Debris Avalanche Blocks Road at North Cascades National Park – Some Visitor Access Affected

Damage from debris avalanche at North Cascades NP
A large debris avalanche has covered an "administrative road" at North Cascades National Park Complex, and some visitor access will be affected for several months. Hikers and boaters intending to portage between Diablo Lake and Ross Lake need to take notice.

Stewart Udall: A Model of a Conservationist

If you've ever walked through a national park, hiked down a trail, backpacked into wilderness, or paddled a wild and scenic stream, pause and give a minute of thanks for Stewart Udall.

NPCA: Independent Review Shows Wolf Population Goals Too Low in Washington State

Wolf population targets laid out in a draft management plan by Washington Department of Fish and Game officials are too low to sustain a viable population, according to some independent scientists who reviewed the proposal.
Wash Wolf DEIS Peer Review.pdf842.36 KB

Is The American Pika Really On The Road To Extinction Due to Climate Change?

Less than a month after a conservation group expressed its displeasure with the Obama administration for not providing Endangered Species Act protection to the American pika due to the plight it might face due to climate change, a new study suggests the tiny mammals are more widespread than thought and seem to thrive in a temperature range greater than long thought possible.
Millar&Westfall-pikas.pdf1.33 MB
Beever-Low-Elevation Pikas.pdf113.78 KB
Beever-Climate-Mediated Extirpations.pdf246.28 KB
Pikas-National Monuments.pdf1002.52 KB

Book Field Program at North Cascades National Park By March 31 and Save $50

National parks are incredible classrooms of the natural world. You can venture into those classrooms via field trips sponsored by many institutes and associations affiliated with individual parks. And if you sign on for a program with the North Cascades Institute between now and month's end, you can save some cash.

A Primer On the North Cascades, Both the Region and the National Park

Too often we focus on a specific national park, and don't look too far beyond its borders at the lay of the surrounding land. But it's important to do that, because those landscapes are integral to the park itself. Well, here's a video that is a great primer on the North Cascades region in Washington state, and its namesake national park.

Looking To Gain A Little Structured Education On Your National Park Trip?

Can you tell by looking at a wildflower in Yellowstone National Park what the underlying geology is? Or, while hiking through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, can you identify a bird simply by its song? Do you want to get relatively up close to the elephant seals at Point Reyes National Seashore? Here's how you can do all those things and more.

Some Unusual Lodges To Consider For Your Next National Park Visit

Any mention of national park lodges causes most people to envision park icons such as Old Faithful Inn, El Tovar, Ahwahnee, or Many Glacier Hotel. Dozens of other national park lodges are scattered across the country, of course, although many receive little publicity and remain virtually unknown to many experienced travelers.

Endangered Species Coalition Lists 10 Species Endangered By Climate Change

A small turtle from the eastern U.S. A species of trout native to Glacier and North Cascades national parks. Grizzly bears. A prairie orchard. A coral. These are among the ten plant, fish, animal, and bird species listed in a new report as being the "hottest" species imperiled by climate change.
hottestspecies.pdf1.92 MB

How Many Wolves Are Enough In Washington State?

Wolves have made a remarkable comeback in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem since the recovery plan was launched in the mid-1990s. Concerned that the predators will find their way into Washington state, officials there are developing a management plan. But how many wolves are enough wolves?

House Passes Legislation That Could Lead the National Park Service to Rebuild Road at North Cascades National Park

In a sign of bipartisan meddling when it comes to how the national parks should be managed, the House of Representatives has passed legislation that could force the National Park Service to tweak wilderness boundaries and rebuild a road in North Cascades National Park. The chamber's majority was evidently unmoved by a Park Service analysis that best interests of taxpayers and the park would be served by not rebuilding the Upper Stehekin Road.

When Visiting the National Parks, Look for Historic Lookouts

Many national parks have historic lookouts that are, or should be, listed on the National Historic Lookouts Register. Visitors who know where to look can see lots of splendid examples.
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