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A Traveler Special Report: "Oil Trains" Pose A Significant Threat To National Parks

For more than a century, freight trains have rumbled up and over Marias Pass, skirting the south boundary of Glacier National Park, casting rolling shadows on the Middle Fork of the Flathead River below. Until recently the major threat was a grain car derailment, which on occasion left bears woozy from eating fermented grain. Today a derailment involving a 100-car train hauling highly combustible Bakken crude oil risks an environmental catastrophe unprecedented in National Park Service history.

Wildflower Weekend Coming To New River Gorge National River In West Virginia

If, after the long, snowy and cold winter, you're ready for some colorful spring wildflowers, consider heading to New River Gorge National River in West Virginia this weekend for the 12th Annual New River Gorge Wildflower Weekend.

Opening Of New Campground At New River Gorge National River Pushed Back To Next Year

Unexpected construction delays have led the staff at New River Gorge National River in West Virginia to push back the opening of the Meadow Creek Campground until next year.

Reuse Of Old Rock Climbing Device Leads To Rescue At New River Gorge National River

Thriftiness can often be an admirable quality, but that's not the case when your activity involves the reuse of a piece of rock climbing equipment of unknown origin—and reliability. That was the situation recently at New River Gorge National River when a climber decided to trust his fate to a piece of climbing hardware he found on the face of cliff.

Exploring the Parks: New River Gorge National River

Deep in West Virginia, the New River has cut a 1,000-foot gorge that, in places, froths with whitewater. Its V-shaped mountainsides are covered in trees. Outcrops of Nuttall sandstone packed with quartz, the gorge’s bones, show near the tops of the cliffs.

New River Gorge National River Seeking Teenage Rangers-In-Training

Imagine how your life might have been different had you the opportunity to attend a "ranger in training" program such as the one being offered at New River Gorge National River in West Virginia this summer.

Essential Paddling Guide: Prime Paddling Spots, East

Rivers run fast and tumbling throughout the National Park System, there are streams with lazy meanders, and placid lakes perfect for dipping a paddle. This diversity poses a delightful dilemma when you have the urge to float and paddle. What follows is just a sampling of the experiences that await you, whether you have hundreds of watery miles under your paddle, or are looking for calm waters to take your youngsters.

Reopening of National Parks "Just In Time" For Two Major Park Events

The reopening of NPS areas late last week came just in the nick of time for not only the popular fall color season, but also for some annual special events in parks. Among the activities held last weekend were the 34th Annual Bridge Day at New River Gorge National River and Yorktown Day at Colonial National Historical Park, which commemorates the 232nd anniversary of America's climactic Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown.

New Trails For Hikers, Bikers And Even Climbers Approved For New River Gorge National River

New trails are coming to New River Gorge National River in West Virginia that will appeal to hikers, mountain bikers, and even climbers.

Mark Your Calendars: New River Festival Coming In June

Cheat Fest? Been there. Gauley Fest? Done that. Second Annual New River Festival? Got it on the calendar for June 7-9.

Searching For Wildflowers In The National Parks Of The Southern And Middle Appalachians

This is the time for wildflowers in the Appalachians. Where can you see them? Wildflower weekends are being hosted by many parks in the next few weeks. Going with an expert is the best way to learn about wildflowers.

Check Out The National Parks We Explored In 2012

Part of the fun of the National Park System is exploring the various units to see what they have to offer. Here's a look at parks the Traveler "explored" in 2012.

Exploring The Parks: West Virginia's New River Gorge National River

Follow the country roads south through West Virginia and you'll come upon the New River Gorge National River. As one of the oldest rivers on the continent, this white-water river that cuts through the Mountain State offers an abundance of scenic and recreational opportunity for people of all ages.

Where Not To Park Your Car: In A National Park's River

It's not every day that vehicles find their way into rivers in the National Park System, but it happened twice in the span of six days in September, once apparently due to too much libation for the driver, and once due to inattentiveness.

Accidents Claim Lives Across The National Park System

Summer hasn't yet officially arrived, yet the number of visitors dying during visits to units of the National Park System is growing.

Birding in the Parks: Not Too Early To Plan To Attend Birding Festivals in the National Park System

Earlier this month, while we were having positively spring-like weather here in the Midwest, I wrote about Snowy Owls, the most iconic of winter birds. Two weeks later, my world is buried under blankets of snow and I’m in the mood to talk about Spring.

BASE Jumpers Cited For Illegal Leap at New River Gorge National River

The annual Bridge Day event each October draws thousands of spectators and hundreds of BASE jumpers to New River Gorge National River. Four jumpers who decided to conduct an unauthorized nighttime leap from the famous bridge last week were apprehended and face a variety of charges.

Impressive Volunteer Effort by Boy Scouts at New River Gorge National River

The Boy Scout Slogan is "Do a Good Turn Daily," and a small army of Scouts is doing a month's worth of good turns at New River Gorge National River. Visitors will enjoy the results of their efforts on miles of trails for years to come.

With Summer Arriving Tomorrow, Don't Find Yourself In National Park Search-and-Rescue Reports

With summer officially getting under way tomorrow, more and more folks will be heading out to the national parks for some summer fun. Just be sure to be careful out there so you don't find yourself added to a search-and-rescue report as these folks were.

Traveler's Gear Box: Hummingbird Gear Cargo Carrier

Spend time playing in the water during your national park excursions? If you paddle in the parks or slither through slot canyons that might offer water hazards, the Hummingbird Gear Cargo Carrier is a pack you might want to consider.

White-Nose Syndrome Confirmed In Bats At New River Gorge National River

Another unit of the National Park System has detected white-nose syndrome in its bat populations.

Summer Special: Choosing A National Park River To Float

So many rivers and so many different paddling experiences can be found in the National Park System. So how do you figure out which one you want to float on your summer vacation?

Summer Special: A Potpourri Of Summertime Adventures In the National Park System

Summer easily is the best time of year to get out and get sweaty in the National Park System, if only because the warmer weather makes more opportunities available. In time to help you plan your summer vacation, here's a potpourri of outdoor adventures in the parks.

New River Gorge National River Proposing Hiking, Biking Trail Improvements

Fans of New River Gorge National River who enjoy the park for hiking and biking, as well as for white-water boating or fishing, are being asked to review a plan to improve hiking and mountain biking opportunities in the park.

National Park Mystery Plant 14 Revealed: It's the Devil's Walking Stick

The Aralia spinosa acquired its devilish name for good reason

The Value of a View - New River Gorge National River Adds Key Acreage Under Landmark Bridge

How much is a key landscape in a park worth? It's a lot more than 25 cents, although this particular view is featured on the West Virginia State Quarter in the U. S. Mint's 50 State Quarters® Program. An important part of that scene has now been protected with the recent addition of 618 acres to the New River Gorge National River.

Bridge Day 2010 is in the Books at New River Gorge National River

On one day each October since 1980, thousands of people have happily accepted the invitation to "take a flying leap" from the longest single-span steel arch bridge in the western hemisphere. The 31st annual Bridge Day was held on October 16, 2010, at New River Gorge National River in West Virginia.

Let's Stay Safe In the National Parks This Summer, Okay?

Summer's arrival and the height of the vacation season is filling the National Park System with folks and families looking to relax, kick back, and enjoy being together in fabulous settings. Let's just not forget to be safe out there, though.

List of Top 10 Endangered Rivers Includes Two That Flow Through The National Park System

American Rivers came out there other day with its top 10 list of endangered rivers, and No. 1 was the Upper Delaware, which flows through the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. No. 3 also falls in the National Park System, the Gauley River around which the Gauley River National Recreation Area rises up from.

Spring is a Great Time To Watch For Migratory Birds in the National Parks

Spring is a fantastic time to be outdoors. Along with the beauty of plants in bloom, a trip to a national park can reveal mammals emerging from their hibernation and frogs singing up a storm. But the one spring event that brings countless new and life-long nature lovers to our nation’s parks is the return of migratory songbirds.
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