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Explore National Parks Through Maps Out Of History

Maps unlock the world in front of us...even if we're not standing right in front of the landscape contained on the map we're gazing at. They allow us to wander through the landscape, cross mountains, ford rivers and streams, and envision campsites in the backcountry. And, in the case of a new eBook, they allow us to look into the past of some national park settings.

Essential Spring Guide '15: Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, Mammoth Cave National Park, Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area

Spring is a lovely time for a visit to the Cumberland Mountains. On rocky slopes up high the Catawba rhododendron blooms. The Painted Trillium, spring beauty, and red buds burst forth from their dormancy in all of their beauty. Take a few days to fill your eyes with beauty, your soul with history, and your body with adventure.

The Cemeteries Of Big South Fork National River And Recreation Area

Years ago during a visit to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, as impressed as I was with what was underground, I was equally struck by the park's surface and the cemeteries that told a silent story of the generations dating back to Revolutionary War times that had called this place home. Cemeteries going back decades, if not hundreds of years, can be found throughout the National Park System, and represent a moving chapter of the country's settlement.

Spring Is No Season To Be Cooped Up

Springtime is a bit of an “in-between” season. It’s somewhere between the longer, warmer days of summer, and the cooler and muddier days of a late winter. Hopefully you’ll find your place farther from winter’s cold and closer to summer’s breezes.

Higher Fees Coming To Mammoth Cave National Park In March

Mammoth Cave National Park Superintendent Sarah Craighead has announced that fee increases proposed last year will take effect on March 14. This year, income from park fees will fund renovations at the Mammoth Cave Hotel, she said.

White-Nose Syndrome Creating "Wildlife Crisis" For Bat Deaths At Mammoth Cave National Park

White-nose syndrome, a disease deadly to bats and with no known cure, has created a "wildlife crisis" at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, where some bat species have declined as much as 80 percent compared to 2013 population counts, according to park officials.

Traffic Patterns Leading To Reduction In Lodging Inside Mammoth Cave National Park

Changing habits by visitors to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky have convinced park officials they don't need as many lodge rooms inside the park as they have in years past. As a result, the next concessionaire will have 38 fewer rooms to rent out.

Annual Mammoth Cave Sing Set For December 7

The 35th edition of the Mammoth Cave Sing is coming to Mammoth Cave National Park on December 7.

Mammoth Cave National Park Proposing Higher Fees For Cave Tours

There is no fee to enter the grounds of Mammoth Cave National Park, but it could cost you more to enter the cave system itself under a plan being proposed by park officials.

Horse Group Agrees To Maintain Some Trails At Mammoth Cave National Park

A horsemen's organization in Kentucky has stepped up to help maintain trails at Mammoth Cave National Park.

Sewage Spill Seeps Into Cave At Mammoth Cave National Park

Signs of an above-ground sewage spill that occurred at Mammoth Cave National Park back in May have been detected inside the cave system, but is not thought to be a threat to visitors.

Waiting For The Buds To Burst At Mammoth Cave National Park

Timing, as they say, is everything. Particularly in springtime, when you're waiting for the tulips to bloom, the dogwoods to flower, and the crocuses to appear. At Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky, officials hope you'll alert everyone when you see that first bud burst into color.

Mammoth Cave National Park Campgrounds Set To Open

Park campgrounds and picnic areas in Mammoth Cave National Park are beginning to open for the season.

Bats Infected With White-Nose Syndrome Found In Tour Routes At Mammoth Cave National Park

Mammoth Cave National Park officials say bats infected with a deadly disease have been found in sections of the cave open to public tours.

Winter Storm Closes Mammoth Cave National Park

Winter-storm conditions on Friday led to the closure of Mammoth Cave National Park.

Mammoth Cave National Park Officials Proposing Improvements To Lodging Facilities

A multi-phase rehabilitation of lodging facilities in Mammoth Cave National Park is being proposed by park officials, with various improvements instituted as funding becomes available.

Construction Will Keep Maple Springs Trailhead, Loop Road Closed At Mammoth Cave National Park

The Maple Springs Trailhead and Maple Springs Loop Road in Mammoth Cave National Park, which have been closed all summer due to construction projects, will remain closed through December 1.

Mammoth Cave National Park Cave Tour Costs Could Increase

Going underground at Mammoth Cave National Park could cost you a buck or two more in 2014 under a proposal up for public review.

Alcohol Sales At Mammoth Cave National Park Being Scaled Back Due To Drunkenness

Too much of a good thing, and not enough park staff, mean alcohol sales at Mammoth Cave National Park will be scaled back.

Maple Springs Trailhead, Campground, Loop Road At Mammoth Cave National Park To Be Closed This Summer

Expansion of trailhead parking and construction of the Big Hollow Trail at Mammoth Cave National Park will require the closure this summer of the Maple Springs Trailhead, Maple Springs Group Campground and Maple Springs Loop Road.

Searching For Wildflowers In The National Parks Of The Southern And Middle Appalachians

This is the time for wildflowers in the Appalachians. Where can you see them? Wildflower weekends are being hosted by many parks in the next few weeks. Going with an expert is the best way to learn about wildflowers.

From Mammoth Cave To Death Valley And Back Again In One Career With The National Park Service

Sarah Craighead has come full circle. It took trips through Saguaro and Death Valley national parks, and some other units of the National Park System, but she's back where she started her career several decades ago.

Sequestration Doubly Costly As Mammoth Cave National Park Losing Tour Revenues

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is being hit twice by the federal budget sequestration -- first by having to cut 5 percent from its budget, and again by lost revenues from cave tours that have been canceled due to lack of staff.

Interior Secretary, National Park Service Director Lament Looming Budget Cuts

Fewer rangers for search-and-rescue missions, closed campgrounds, and possibly more devastating forest fires are facing the National Park Service as a result of the looming budget fiasco, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and National Park Service Director Jon Jarvis said Monday.

Mammoth Cave Is Longer That Previously Thought, By 10 Miles At Least

Some caves continue to grow, either through natural geologic forces, or simply through greater exploration. In the case of the cave protected by Mammoth Cave National Park, human exploration has pushed its length by 10 miles, to 400 miles total.

Mammoth Cave National Park's Diversity To Be Celebrated In Scientific Conference

“Celebrating the Diversity of Research in the Mammoth Cave Region” is the theme of a research symposium coming February 14 and 15 to the Rotunda Room of the Mammoth Cave Hotel in Mammoth Cave National Park.

Exploring The National Park System's Underbelly

While white-nose syndrome continues to plague bats in the country's cave systems, there nevertheless are quite a few underground tours you can take in the National Park System, tours that not only will show off these unique resources but also provide education on the disease.
NPS-National Park Cave Tours.pdf1.64 MB

Mammoth Cave National Park Detects White-Nose Syndrome Among Its Bat Colonies

Mammoth Cave National Park officials announced today that they've detected white-nose syndrome, a deadly disease to bats, among the bat colonies that hibernate in the park.

Annual Cave Sing At Mammoth Cave National Park Set For December 2

The 33rd Annual Cave Sing at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is set for December 2.

Historic Stone Walls At Mammoth Cave National Park To Be Documented, Rebuilt

In advance of work to redesign the Green River Ferry landing in Mammoth Cave National Park, workers will be documenting historic stone retaining walls that will be taken down, and then rebuilt in their original design.
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