Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead National Recreation Area Mulling Climbing Options In Wilderness Areas

Three public meetings have been scheduled for next week to discuss preliminary alternatives and climbing management options for wilderness areas at Lake Mead National Recreation Area.
Birding the Southwestern National Parks (W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series) Just in case I wasn’t aware that I very badly need to do more birding in the Southwest, a copy of Birding the Southwestern National Parks by former Park Service employee Roland Wauer arrived in my mailbox. Now I find myself checking plane fare to Las Vegas, El Paso, and Los Angeles. This may be one of the most expensive book reviews I’ve ever written.

Report On Lake Mead National Recreation Area's Aquatic Health Holds Mostly Good News

A recent report on the aquatic environment at Lake Mead National Recreation Area has mostly positive news for boaters, fishermen, environmentalists and the millions of residents who depend on the huge lake in the desert for their day to day water needs.

Boaters At Lake Mead National Recreation Area Take Notice: Echo Bay Marina Facilities Are Closing

Boaters at Lake Mead National Recreation Area will need to pay much closer attention to their fuel supplies after the first of February—the Echo Bay Marina is ending operations. That leaves boaters on the huge lake's Overton Arm without any sources of water-based fuel or other marine services.

Colorado River Basin Study: Where Do National Parks Fit In?

Seldom Seen Smith has to be rolling his eyes, and George Hayduke just might be thinking of calling the Monkey Wrench Gang back together. Why? A voluminous Interior Department report looking at how best to manage precious water resources in the Colorado River Basin largely ignores national parks the river flows through.

Can Social Media Help Save Lives At Lake Mead National Recreation Area?

Rangers at Lake Mead National Recreation Area have an on-going challenge: how to encourage visitors at one of the country's most popular parks to use common-sense and basic safety devices to reduce the area's sobering accidental death toll. The park staff has now turned to social media to promote three new videos that they hope will help save lives

NPS Issues Prospectus for a Concession at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

The National Park Service recently issued a prospectus soliciting proposals for boat tours and associated food services at the Hemenway Harbor area of Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This is between two sections of the Las Vegas Boat Harbor Marina Complex at the southwest end of the lake near Hoover Dam.

Ranking The National Parks By Visitation In 2011

People seem to like numbers, and hierarchy, so here's a rundown of the leading units of the National Park System in terms of 2011 visitation. The first list combs through all 397 units in the system, while the second looks only at "national parks."

Life in the Parks: "Come Quick! There's Been an Explosion!"

Rangers who both work and live in parks receive some unusual after-hours phone calls, but this one was guaranteed to get my adrenalin flowing: The woman on the line was nearly hysterical, but her message got right to the point: "Come quick! There's been an explosion!"

Public Input Sought On Glen Canyon Dam Operations And Their Impact on Grand Canyon National Park

As the National Park Service and U.S. Bureau of Reclamation continue to search for a compromise over water flows from the Glen Canyon Dam and into the Colorado River through Grand Canyon National Park, the public is now being given opportunities to weigh in on the matter.

Odds and Ends From Around the National Parks To Kickoff The Summer Travel Season

With spring still on its way to the Rockies and High Sierra, and summer well under way in some parts of the country, this seems a perfect time to honor all 2010 Appalachian Trail thru-hikers, consider ways to support national parks, and look at ways to enjoy the parks.

Lake Mead NRA Takes New Steps - Including Fee Waivers - to Promote Safe Boating

The Memorial Day weekend is typically a busy one at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, and the larger crowds often mean more incidents than usual. The park is taking steps this weekend and throughout the summer to promote safe boating, including a fee waiver for boaters for the holiday.

Report Raises Concerns Over How Colorado River Basin Dams Impact National Parks

Some of the most magnificent national parks of the Southwest owe their rugged beauty to the Colorado River and its tributaries. Unfortunately, dams that have sprung up along the river have changed the water flows in a way detrimental to these national parks, according to a report from the National Parks Conservation Association.

This Boat Fire at Lake Mead National Recreation Area Had an Unusual Twist

Easter weekend can be a busy time at Lake Mead National Recreation Area, so a call that came into the park dispatch center on Friday, April 22 provided some unwelcome news: There was a boat fire at Boulder Beach, but the problem wasn't at the launch ramp or marina. This blaze had an unusual twist.

National Park Quiz 89: National Recreation Areas

How much do you know about units of the National Park System designated "National Recreation Area"? Take this quiz and find out.

Missing From the System? Tule Springs Harbors Ice Age Fossils In An Urban Setting

Not far from the bright lights and card tables of Las Vegas there's a stretch of desert so relished by developers that street names were attached to blueprints of suburbia. Now, though, that landscape and its unique collection of Ice Age fossils is being promoted as the country's next national monument.

Camping 101 – Rangers at Lake Mead National Recreation Area Teach Area High Schoolers the Basics

In a world where most teenagers are focused on Tweets, Facebook and music via earbuds, how do we get a new generation interested in using the parks, much less trying a decidedly "low-tech" activity like camping? Rangers at Lake Mead National Recreation Area are trying one approach with high school students in the Las Vegas area, and Camping 101 is getting some positive comments.

Flash Flood Damages Callville Bay Marina at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Like most desert locales, Lake Mead National Recreation Area south of Las Vegas doesn't receive a lot of rain, and there's no question the area is in the midst of a serious drought, but when rain does fall, it can sometimes be too much of a good thing. A flash flood on Monday afternoon caused nearly $1 million of damage at Callville Bay, and that area and the Callville Bay Access Road have been temporarily closed to all park visitors while clean-up and repairs are underway.

Study Shows that Dirty Snow Reduces Colorado River Runoff

Human-produced dust, mostly from grazing and farming, settles on mountain snowpacks in the Upper Colorado River basin and significantly reduces runoff. Eliminating this "dirty snow" phenomenon, which impacts national parks as well as the regional economy, would require a huge reduction in soil-disturbing activities.

Boulder Harbor Launch Ramp Latest Casualty of Falling Water Levels at Lake Mead

At Lake Mead National Recreation Area water-based activities are the prime attraction, but in recent years, having enough water has become a problem. The launch area at Boulder Harbor is the latest casualty of falling lake levels, and those facilities have been closed "temporarily."

B-29 Superfortress That Lies at the Bottom of Lake Mead Continues to Draw Attention

A Hollywood writer would love this plot…but it's true. The "largest, most advanced aircraft of its day," modified for a secret research mission, takes off for a flight over the desert. Painted on its nose are the words, "Cosmic Ray Research." The plane ends up at the bottom of one of the largest lakes in the world, where its become a prized find for underwater archeologists.
Running Dry: A Journey From Source to Sea Down the Colorado River Part travelogue, part warning shot across the bow, Jonathan Waterman in his latest book takes us on a year-long journey down the Colorado River from source to the Sea of Cortez that should scare the wits out of those in the Southwest convince them to read the dusty writing on the wall.

Tracking Crime in National Parks Is Not An Exact Science By Any Means

Trying to assess the amount of crime that occurs across the National Park System seemingly is difficult at best because of inconsistent accounting and the spillover of crime from neighboring communities.
OIG Crime Report.pdf320.8 KB
NPS&USPP LEOKA 09 by Region.pdf60.24 KB

Is There A Thaw Coming On the Three-Year-Old Freeze on National Park Fees?

Yosemite National Park, Tenaya Lake, copyright Kurt Repanshek
Three years ago, then-National Park Service Director Mary Bomar placed a freeze on most fees associated with visiting the national parks. Now, though, it appears that freeze might be thawing.

Overton Beach Area Latest Casualty of Low Water Level at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mead
The continuing drop in lake levels has forced the closure of the Overton Beach visitor services facilities at Lake Mead National Recreation Area. The road to the area is being gated to restrict vehicle access and facilities mothballed for what the park hopes is a temporary closure.

Paintball Vandals Deface Petroglyphs at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Vandalized petroglyphs
A 20-year-old man from Bullhead City, Arizona, who is suspected of vandalizing petroglyphs at Grapevine Canyon in Lake Mead National Recreation Area was cited by park rangers last week. He and a 13-year-old boy were reported to have been shooting paintballs in the area.

Unlikely Weapons Against a Deadly Exotic Species: Cat Food and Ants

Adult cane toad
From large Burmese pythons in the Everglades to tiny Quagga mussels at Lake Mead, exotic animals are a growing problem in our national parks. A recent story from Australia demonstrates that the battle against exotics can sometimes employ some low-tech weapons, including cat food and ants.

Echo Bay Resort at Lake Mead NRA has a New Concessioner and a New Name

Land facilities at Echo Bay.
Concessioner-operated facilities in the Echo Bay area at Lake Mead National Recreation Area will have a change in name and boat rental offerings as part of switch to new management. Forever Resorts has taken over operations under a three-year temporary contract.
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