Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park Tweaks Rules For Annual Elk Reduction Hunt

Hunters who participate in the annual elk reduction hunt at Grand Teton National Park better be great shots, as they'll be limited to how many shots they'll be able to take.

Monitoring The Signals Of Climate Change In Rocky Mountain National Parks

Signals of climate change seem to be more and more frequent in some parts of the country. In the Rocky Mountains, snowfall patterns are changing, temperatures are warming, bird behavior is alternating.

Grand Teton National Park Gets Go-Ahead To Makeover Colter Bay Village

A plan to makeover Colter Bay Village at Grand Teton National Park has been approved, although it still needs funding to move forward.

Investigation Concludes Hunters Killed Grizzly In Self-Defense In Grand Teton National Park

Three hunters who were charged by a grizzly bear in Grand Teton National Park last Thanksgiving Day acted in self-defense in shooting and killing the bear, an investigation has determined.

Sharing The Wonders Of National Parks

Two weeks in Mount Rainier National Park left Russ Aquilar dirty, tired, and sore. But it also left him with a life-changing decision, to share the natural world with others.

NPS Academy, Alternative Spring Break Bringing Youth To National Parks

Spring break is commencing at colleges around the country, and for more than 200 students that means a trip not to the beach, but to a national park to participate either in the National Park Service Academy or an "Alternative Spring Break" program in parks.

Backcountry Skier Killed In Avalanche At Grand Teton National Park

An avalanche Friday killed a Wyoming man skiing the backcountry of Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton National Park Kids' Guide

Grand Teton National Park, with its towering mountains, sweeping vistas, and active wildlife will delight children of all ages. Located in the mountains of Wyoming, Grand Teton is one of the top parks for young adventurers.

Traveler's Gear Box: Tubbs Wilderness Snowshoes

It must be tough to be a snowshoe manufacturer. Since most recreational shoes moved away from wooden frames to aluminum ones, their lifespan went up incredibly. But that doesn't mean it might not be time for you to upgrade to one of the latest models.

Windows On Nature: The Ten Best National Park Webcam Sites In America

Webcams provide us with windows on the world. They allow armchair travelers to follow activity outside a Dublin pub, monitor traffic on San Francisco’s Bay Bridge, and check on what’s happening at the International Space Station. Webcams also provide windows on nature, some of the best of which comes by way of cameras stationed in our national parks.

Wolverine Proposed For Listing As A Threatened Species, Could Affect Yellowstone Winter Use

Yellowstone National Park officials are monitoring the proposed listing of the wolverine as a threatened species, and will determine whether they need to reconsider snow travel over Sylvan Pass if the listing becomes formal.

Let The Traveler Promote Your National Park Organization

Let the Traveler help promote your national park organization. Send us a decal of your logo and we'll add it to our rocket box atop our Subaru Outback.

Grand Teton National Park Rangers Recover Body Of Skier Killed In Avalanche

Grand Teton National Park rangers on Monday worked to recover the body of a Jackson, Wyoming, man killed by an avalanche the day before.

National Parks: Unplug The Technology And Plug Into Nature

As my internship comes to a close, I can’t help but reflect on my experiences at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Grand Teton National Park Might Preserve For Educational Purposes Mule Deer Head With Atypical Antlers

Mule deer buck, Grand Teton National Park
A big mule deer buck that gained renown around Grand Teton National Park not just for its overall size, but also for its unusual antler configuration, has died of natural causes and has been recovered by rangers.

What To Look For When Shopping For Bear Spray For Your Next National Park Adventure

Summer backpack trips and hikes are months away, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be making up gear lists in January or February. And if you're heading to a national park frequented by grizzly or black bears, you'd be wise to look into bear sprays.

Grand Teton National Park Looking For Cross-Country Ski, Snowshoe Concessionaire

Like to cross-country ski and snowshoe? Then a job awaits you at Grand Teton National Park, where officials are looking for a concessionaire to run ski and snowshoe tour operations.
The Last Voyageur: Amos Burg and the Rivers of the West Floating boats down rivers came to Amos Burg almost as routine as walking down streets came to others of his generation. But was it the thrill of adventure, or the desire to be a writer of adventure tales, that motivated the Oregon man to paddle the West's major rivers?

National Park Service Buys 86 Acres Of Wyoming Lands Surrounded By Grand Teton National Park

Slowly, but surely, the National Park Service is whittling away at the amount of Wyoming-owned lands that lie within the boundaries of Grand Teton National Park.

Guest Column: Of Wolves And Science

This fall has been a tough one for those who love the wolves of Yellowstone National Park, as more than a few of the predators have been killed outside the park by hunters. Wolf hunting and trapping also is an issue in the Midwest, and the controversy around that issue prompted writer Greg Breining to take a close look at how wolves and science intertwine. It's not always as neat as you might think

Ranger-Led Snowshoe Hikes Start Wednesday At Grand Teton National Park

With snow in the forecast, and the year-end holiday break, consider joining a ranger for a snowshoe hike at Grand Teton National Park if you're in the area this week.

Grand Teton National Park Reaching Out To High School Students With An Eye On 2016

To highlight the National Park Service’s upcoming centennial in 2016, Grand Teton National Park will soon be launching a multi-year initiative focused on local “Class of 2016” students.

Reader Participation Day: What Would Be Your Park Destination Of Choice For The Holidays?

If you could ask Santa for the chance to spend part of the upcoming holiday season in any national park service area, where would you go—and what would you do?

Grand Teton National Park Moving To Winter Operations

Though winter seems to be unusually late in coming this year, activities for the winter season at Grand Teton National Park and the adjoining John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Memorial Parkway begin December 15.

Gilbert Stanley Underwood and Jackson Lake Lodge At Grand Teton National Park

The Jackson Lake Lodge at Grand Teton National Park was Gilbert Stanley Underwood's final national park lodge project, but it might not have been his best.

Hunters Kill Grizzly Bear In Grand Teton National Park, Claim Self-Defense

Hunters looking for elk in Grand Teton National Park on Thanksgiving Day wound up killing a grizzly bear they said suddenly charged them. The incident prompted calls for the park to bring a halt to the annual elk hunts, but the fact remains more bears are killed by motorists than hunters in the park.

Photography In The National Parks: Reading The Book Of Nature

National parks are a great place to experience wildlife in their natural element, and to photograph them. But at times the plight of nature can generate pangs of helplessness, as nature photographer Deby Dixon realized in Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

Interns Helping National Park Service Study Climate Change At Lassen Volcanic National Park And In Rocky Mountain Forests

Food chains in alpine lakes in parks such as Lassen Volcanic National Park and changing fire regimes at Rocky Mountain parks such as Yellowstone, Glacier, Grand Teton, and Rocky Mountain, are among the climate-change studies under way in the park system.

Grand Teton Lodge Company Provides $600,000 To Grand Teton National Park Foundation For Park Projects

Since 1999, the Grand Teton Lodge Company has provided $600,000 to the Grand Teton National Park Foundation, money that the foundation has turned around to benefit Grand Teton National Park.

National Parks Traveler's Essential Friends, Celebrating National Park Friends Groups

Earlier this year National Parks Traveler broke ground with Essential Friends, an initiative created to celebrate the great work of national park friends groups. While the publication has been available in PDF format, we now offer it to you as a flip book. Enjoy!
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