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For six months in 2010 Andrew Skurka went on the adventure of a lifetime. By foot, ski, and raft the adventurer circumnavigated Alaska, a journey of 4,678.8 miles that tested him physically and mentally. Listen to this podcast as he shares insights to that trek.

A Walk Around Alaska, The Andrew Skurka Story

What could possibly inspire someone to circumnavigate Alaska, traveling 4,678.8 miles by foot, ski, and inflatable raft? For Andrew Skurka, the challenge was both physical and mental and an underlying desire to "take advantage of the 70, 80 years that I've got on this planet."

National Park Service Linking Good Health With Park Visits During National Parks Week

In promoting this year's National Park Week, which falls in mid-April, the National Park Service is highlighting what might seem obvious: Getting outside is good for your health.

Slight Boost In Climbing Fees Approved For Mount Rainier National Park

A slight increase -- the cost of about four cups of coffee at Starbucks -- has been approved for the annual climbing passes sold at Mount Rainier National Park.

Plowing Of Denali Park Road To Begin Wednesday in Denali National Park

A little more snow and ice-clogged culverts are awaiting crews at Denali National Park and Preserve who are scheduled to begin work Wednesday on opening the Denali Park Road for the summer.

Reader Participation Day: Should Costs Of Operating Special Programs In the Parks Be Shared By All?

Should the National Park Service do away with special use fees and simply spread the costs of running special programs across all those who enter the parks?

Alaska's U.S. Senators Want To Run Natural Gas Pipeline Through Denali National Park

Alaska's U.S. senators, with the backing of the National Parks Conservation Association and the National Park Service, have introduced legislation to allow a natural gas pipeline to be routed through Denali National Park and Preserve parallel to a short stretch of the main park road.
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Looking Back On 2010 Across the National Park System

What were the top stories across the National Park System in 2010? There were more than a few, ranging from the tragic loss of three Katmai National Park and Preserve employees to a small-plane crash to the ongoing controversy over whether birds, turtles and off-road vehicles can co-exist at Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Let's take a look back through the year at some of the stories.

Melting Ice Patch Near Yellowstone National Park Reveals Ancient Hunting Weapon

National parks, long treasured as providing glimpses into our past, are proving to be better time capsules than we might have imagined just a decade ago. Proof lies in a 10,000-year-old hunting weapon found below a melting ice patch near Yellowstone National Park.

Problems Lead to Helicopter Evacuations of Climbers Off Mount McKinley in Denali National Park

Climbing rangers and helicopter pilots have been busy during the past week rescuing climbers on Mount McKinley in Denali National Park and Preserve.

The Numbers Behind National Park Visitation

What's in a number? When it reflects visitation to national parks, it's not always as obvious as it might seem.
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National Geographic Park Profiles: Yellowstone Country Though no doubt driven by marketing aspirations, the National Geographic Society has rereleased three books that will take you into the heart of some iconic national parks.

Lodging Deals From Coast to Coast in the National Parks

Whether you can thank the hoopla around National Parks: America's Best Idea, or attribute it to the weak economy, there are a number of lodging deals available to be had around the National Park System.

Staying Safe and How Not to Become A SAR Statistic in the National Park System

If you subconsciously want to become a search-and-rescue statistic in the National Park System, your best chance would be in either Grand Canyon National Park, Gateway National Recreation Area, or Yosemite National Park.

National Park Quiz 21: Railroads

You don’t need to be a railfan to do well on this week’s railroad-focused quiz. Answers are at the end. If we catch you peeking, we’ll make you polish the brass in Traveler’s private rail car.

The Denali Road Lottery Offers Regulated Leaf Peeping at Alaska’s Denali National Park

After the shuttle buses cease operating at Denali National Park, motorists with lottery-distributed permits can take fall color tours on the 92-mile shuttle road. This year’s Denali Road Lottery will take place September 12-15, weather permitting. Up to 400 vehicles per day will be allowed.

Backpackers Rescued at Denali National Park Didn’t Know How Lost They Really Were

The two lost backpackers rescued Wednesday in Denali National Park were far from where they thought they were and didn’t know they were the subjects of a massive search lasting four days and costing an estimated $120,000. But as they say, all’s well that ends well.

Lost Backpackers Reunited with Families at Denali National Park

Backpackers Abby Flantz and Erica Nelson were rescued in good condition after being lost for six days in the Denali National Park wilderness. The two women, who had used a cell phone to help searchers locate them, were reunited with family members Wednesday afternoon.

Lost Backpackers Are Reported Alive and Well at Denali National Park

Two backpackers missing at Denali National Park since Friday are alive and well.

Western National Parks Contaminated By Airborne Heavy Metals, Pesticides

How do you like your fish seasoned? A little mercury, perhaps some DDT? That's what you might get if you eat fish caught in national parks in the American West.

If You Have to Ask the Price, The Ahwahnee And Jenny Lake Lodge Are Probably Out of Reach

Earlier this summer we ran a list of the Top 10 Lodges in the park system. Admittedly it's a "soft" list, one that definitely is not objective. But what some might find objectionable are the nightly costs for staying in some of these places.
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