Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

Concessionaires Want More Investment, Business Opportunities, In National Parks

National park concessionaires, deeply concerned over what they see as three decades of stagnant visitation to the National Park System, want Congress to authorize better marketing of the parks, longer "high" seasons in the parks they believe would generate more revenues for infrastructure improvements, and expanded concessionaire opportunities in the parks.

10 Great Paddles In The National Park System

You want to get out on the water, preferably for a few days at least. Scenery, wildlife, and solitude are on your checklist. Here’s where to go in the National Park System.

Paddling Through History On The Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

We knew we were being watched. We skimmed across the water, with our paddle blades rising and falling in a quick cadence. From its tall perch atop a pine, a bald eagle slowly rotated its white-feathered head and kept its eyes on us as we paddled further across Menokin Bay towards Cat Point Creek.

Historic Agreement Aims To Restore, Protect Chesapeake Bay Watershed

A cleaner Chesapeake Bay watershed. That's the goal of a multi-state agreement written to focus on restoring and protecting the bay and its feeder streams. If it succeeds, it would benefit a good number of National Park System units, foremost the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail that touches parts of Virginia, Delaware, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Some Suggestions For Where To Float In The National Parks This Summer

Spring has set in throughout the country, perennials are reappearing, if they haven't already started to bloom, and summer vacation for some could be just weeks away. If you need some suggestions on where to float in the National Park System, we have them.

Essential Paddling Guide: Prime Paddling Spots, East

Rivers run fast and tumbling throughout the National Park System, there are streams with lazy meanders, and placid lakes perfect for dipping a paddle. This diversity poses a delightful dilemma when you have the urge to float and paddle. What follows is just a sampling of the experiences that await you, whether you have hundreds of watery miles under your paddle, or are looking for calm waters to take your youngsters.

Essential Paddling Guide: Chesapeake Bay’s 64,000 Square-Mile Watershed Grapples With Water Quality

Despite its size, the 64,000 square-mile Chesapeake Bay Watershed struggles with pollution problems that degrade its waters.

Program Offers Wonders Of Chesapeake Bay, And Access, To National Park And Outdoors Lovers

Along its thousands of miles of shoreline, across its wide waters, and inside its secluded backwaters, the Chesapeake Bay watershed offers a rich and diverse playground, one that should become easier to navigate thanks to a campaign launched in conjunction with the National Park Service's release of its Chesapeake Bay Watershed Access Plan.
TIDEWATER: The Chesapeake Bay in Photographs You can get a feel for the Chesapeake Bay setting that greeted Captain John Smith 400 years ago in Tidewater: The Chesapeake Bay in Photographs, a book compiled through the lens of Stephen R. Brown that reflects the past and the present on the bay's waters.

Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail Expands With Four Connectors

The Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail, the country's first water trail, has grown with the addition of four watery connectors that extend into five states.

NPCA Field Report: Help Needed For The Atlantic Sturgeon To Recover

Sturgeon might have graced Captain John Smith's dinner table when he explored the Chesapeake Bay in 1607-1609, but you'd be hard-pressed to find one in the waters of the national historic trail that bears his name today.

Heavy Surf Expected Along East Coast National Seashores This Weekend

Now that Hurricane Ida has veered eastward and been downgraded to a tropical storm, national seashores located along the East Coast from the Carolinas to Cape Cod can expect high surf and gusty conditions heading into the weekend.

National Park Service Looking For Ideas For Managing the Captain John Smith National Historic Trail

How do you manage a 3,000-mile-long historic trail that is largely water-based and touches three states? The folks running the Captain John Smith National Historic Trail are open to your suggestions.
CAJO-Management_Alternatives.pdf107.19 KB

Climate Change and National Parks: A Survival Guide for a Warming World -- Oysters, Icon of the Chesapeake

Whether you call them Eastern oysters, American oysters, Rappahannock oysters, or simply “white gold,” the iconic shellfish plucked from the Chesapeake Bay are a salty delicacy that some think is best served with a dash of horseradish and a squirt of lemon juice. Sadly, it’s a delicacy that is not as abundant as it once was. The Chesapeake once harbored oyster beds so rich and bountiful that they formed reefs. Now climate change is threatening to wipe them out.

"Talking" Buoys Deployed Along Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail

It'd be impractical for the National Park Service to station interpretive rangers at various points along the Captain John Smith Chesapeake National Historic Trail. But that hasn't stopped the agency from providing that interpretation to boaters in the Chesapeake Bay.

We've Got a New Historic Trail

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