National Park Mystery Spot 46: Great-Grandmother’s Chest

Mystery Spot 46 is a named feature in one of America’s 397 national parks. See if you can identify it using the clues provided below. Traveler readers answering correctly will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing and a chance to win a copy of Andrew Skurka's The Ultimate Hiker's Gear Guide: Tools and Techniques to Hit the Trail.

Here are all the clues you should need to identify this mystery spot:

One thousand orange trees on a three-acre mini-farm.

The most attractive girl at the prom.

The great scent of great grandmother’s chest.

Bonus clue, no extra charge: The bird that was early got a worm, but the general that was early did not get the victory.

Remember that this is a two-part question. To get full credit you must identify the specific physical or cultural feature as well as the national park in which it is located. Good Luck!

The answer and a list of readers submitting correct answers will be posted in tomorrow's Traveler..

No cheating!

If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery, we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day drinking beer.”


Rose Wood at Gettysburg National Military Park?

Sorry, viewmtn; it's not Rose Wood at Gettysburg National Military Park.

Congratulations, Eric; that's right on the button.You've scored yet another first-correct-answer-of-the-day.

You've got half of it, Caprice.

It's a pleasure to welcome Caprice Kutz back to the Winners Circle.

That's half of it, viewmtn.

Cedar grove at sequoia and kings national park?

I'm afraid you're way off, Connier. Better take a closer look at the clues.

You've got half of it, Moon Pie, now let's see the rest.

That's the other half, viewmtn; you're in. Well done. As for your excuse for repeatedly failing to stop and visit the site, well, I think all of us have similar stories to tell. You are forgiven.

Yes, celbert, this was meant to be a middlin' easy one. And no, that's not the complete answer. You've only supplied one of the two required pieces of information.

Moon Pie, the first part of your answer is wrong and the second part is correct. Still some work to do.

Right on the button, celbert; welcome to the Winners Circle.

Enjoy your trip to that other place you mentioned. I've only seen it from the air, never up close and personal, but I agree that it deserves to be a national park.

Right on the button, ron erpelding. You're in the Winners Circle again.

Moon Pie, you've still got some work to do. You haven't yet named a physical or cultural feature that's in that park you've correctly Id-ed.

You've ID-ed the park, KC Traveler, but that's not the whole answer.

Moon Pie, the Quizmeister is not supposed to choose between those two features in that park; you are! ;o)

Spot on, Ranger Dave. Welcome back to the Winners Circle.

You've homed in on the park, Kevin M, and now have only to home in on the specific feature in the park.

Good job, George S; you're in.

Anon 12:48 and David Crowl have nailed it and are welcome to join the growing crowd in the Winners Circle.

You are sharp as a tack, Kevin M. And you're in. Good job.

Youve got the park, Rangertoo. You too Moon Pie. Now please supply the rest of the answer.

Eric Nelson and Moon Pie have hit it right on the button and may enter the Winners Circle. Front door for Eric and servants entrance for Moon Pie. Might have said front door, Moon Pie, were it not for that question mark at the end. ;o)

Right on the button, tomp2. well done.

You've ID-ed the park, Janna, but you have yet to home in on the specific feature within the park.

You've got the park right, s. However, you need to home in on the specific feature now.

You're in, jchappell740. You too, RangerLady -- and with 52 whole minutes to spare!