National Park Mystery Spot 38: White Stone Eyes Gaze Upon It

Mystery Spot 37 is a named place in a national park. Tell us what it is and you'll qualify for our monthly prize drawing.

You can get into trouble by buying a car with bad brakes.
What can you get into by buying a bracket in March?

Jennie Wade was killed at Gettysburg.
Another Jenny waded memorably here.

Large white eyes gaze eastward upon it,
But being stone, see nothing.

Bonus clue, no extra charge: National parks lie nearby; all are small, and one is tall.

Check back with Traveler tomorrow for the answer and an explanation of the clues.

No cheating! If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery, we'll make you clean the bilge of the "Living Large," a Traveler-owned yacht used exclusively for business purposes.


Eric nailed it at a glance. I know this is an easy one, Eric, but is it that easy? ;o)

Not too easy. I liked the clues, once I got the clues it fell right into place.

Thanks for the feedback, Eric.

It's a pleasure to welcome celbert and viewmtn to the winners circle. Nice going.

Jim Haggerty, you clearly know what this place is, so I am going to let it slide. Welcome to the winners circle.

Folks, please remember that this one requires you to name the mystery spot AND the national park in which it is located.

You need to name the park, Ken.

Good job, volknitter. I've been waiting for you. What took you so long? ;o)

Hehehe... I had to walk the dog - later than you walked yours :-)

To nobody's surprise, Eric Nelson has nailed it too.

Congrats to OutinTheStiks, who's entered the winner's circle.

RangerLady, you're so close ... but the professor is a stickler for details, so we're gonna hold your feet to the fire until you nail it.

You are in the ballpark, David Crowl, but the feature you named is not in the national park you named. Want to clean up your answer?

Welcome to the winners circle, Paul Beck. You are in good company.

RangerLady, let me put this way. It is very clear that you know where this thing is. Just give it the right name and you are home free. Hint: The very first comment you sent in named the park. You still need to nail down the mystery spot within the park, and you came tantalizingly close with your second comment.

The winners circle is getting a tad crowded. Need to make room now for David Crowl, samsdad1, and Jim Haggerty. I expect that RangerLady will be along shortly.

Your suspicions are correct, Piperoni. Welcome to the winners circle.

You've got it, RC. Sorry I can't post your recommendation without giving the answer away. The answer will appear tomorrow, so you could wait and make your suggestion in that more appropriate place.

You got it bracketed, RangerLady. Welcome to the winners circle.

Right you are, tomp2, and I'm certainly not surprised.

You got it, y_p_w. Nicely done.

Well, desk-bound parky, you are in the ballpark.

Ken has put it together. Good job.

Welcome to the winners circle, desk-bound parky and mudandflood. DG Strong, you are SO close.

I don't think I would have figured it out if I weren't a sports and movie nut. Bob, I like how you threw in a few meaningless clues.

Never been to the place, but look forward to it some day.

You came in just under the wire, JeffB. Good job.