National Park Mystery Spot 36: Seven Words

To get full credit for solving the Mystery Spot 36 puzzle you need only identify which national park is indicated by the clues listed below.*

Readers submitting correct answers will be eligible for a monthly prize drawing. This month the prize will be a Freedom of the Hills deck of cards from The Mountaineers. Each card features various mountaineering tips.

Humpty Dumpty

sheltered anchorage

grandfather's mother


We'll reveal the answer and explain the clues in tomorrow's Traveler.

* No cheating! If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery, we'll make you write on the whiteboard 100 times: "In gauge theory applications, most quantization methods keep Poincare invariance manifest, but the attendant sacrifice of manifest gauge symmetry compels gauge fixing."


Nice going, GeorgeS. Spot on.
Sorry about that darn CAPTCHA. I wish we didn't have to use it.

Eric has nailed it. No surprise there.

We'll add djjeffrey100 to the prize drawing-eligible pool too. The name of the park could have been fleshed out better, but there's no doubt that it's the right place.

Anon 7:35 has gotten enough of the park's name to slide into the prize drawing pool. We'll grade it out at a "B". ;o)

Well, ed-123, you did get the key parts of the name, and that's better than most who work on this thing. We'll accept it.

Good job, Aron. As for your postscript, well, that's TMI.

kenai fjords park???

Not Kenai Fjords National Park.

Correct, viewmtn. BTW, the Quizmeister is frankly surprised that you did not grasp the portent of "grandfather's mother." Think about it and report back.

You got it celbert. BTW, that second set of words you incidentally mentioned is a category to which this park belongs -- that is, it's a heading under which this park is listed.

Kudos to Eric Nelson. Right on the button.

Jerry, you are on the right track, but that's not the correct designation.

For some reason I'm finding this one pretty tough. I'm going to guess Seawall at Acadia

That's closer, Jerry, but it still needs some work. Since you are in the proper park, you have the Quizmeister's permission to look up the proper designation for it.

Wrong ballpark, RangerLady. Have you had your coffee yet?

Nope, no coffee. No breakfast either. Maybe I do need some brain power for this one.

Ok...half a cup of coffee down. I'm going to try again. The Humpty Dumpty rock climbing area in Queen Valley in Joshua Tree National Park. If this isn't right, only 395 more guesses to go!

Finish your coffee and try again, RangerLady. Only 395 guesses to go!

Let us help you narrow it down, Rangerlady. Your last guess was on the wrong side of the Mississippi River.

Ok I have one last guess and then I'm going to actually have to work today. Great Falls Park - part of the George Washgington Memorial Parkway.
Humpty Dumpty had a GREAT FALL...

Jerry's got it figured out.

And Jo has nailed it also.

OK, David Crowl and Steve B, that's close enough. Good job.

Not Great Falls Park, RangerLady, but hey; look on the bright side: You have moved your sleuthery project to the correct half of the continent!

For some reason that doesn't make me feel better Bob, but thanks for trying. I do believe the Quizmeister has beaten me. I still have 2 hours to think about it before I go to my computerless home...

Well, well, well, rest easy fellow travelers, RangerLady has finally figured it out. Well done, even if it is after noon....

Haha Kurt. Somedays a girl just needs more than one cup of coffee....