National Park Mystery Photo 48: A Thingie That’s Part of a Set

Vot da hell is dis?!

Mystery Photo 48 was taken in a national park. If you can tell us what this thing is and name the national park in which it is located, you will be eligible for our monthly prize drawing.

No Cheating! If we catch you Googling or engaged in other sneakery we will make you write on the whiteboard 100 times:

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Is it the hub of a wagon wheel? At Bent's Old Fort National Historic Site?

Yes and no, Eric. You are homing in on the object, but you've got the wrong park. You're definitely hot on the trail, and it's a good bet you'll get this one.

Maybe a winch for an anchor on a sailing ship. San Francisco Maritime NHP?

Since you say I am "hot on the Trail" I will stick with the Santa Fe Trail and try "wagon wheel hub" at Fort Union National Historic Site.
Or am I reading too much into the "hot on the trail" clue. If I am wrong, I will have to hang back and wait for some others to give me clues....

Sorry, Aron, but you are way cold. This is not part of a capstan, and it has nothing to do with San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park.

The mystery photo does not depict a wagon wheel hub, Eric, and it wasn't taken at Fort Union National Historic Site. The term "trail" was used only to denote being close to catching up or discovering something.

Shucky darn, there goes my idea if Eric isn't right.

Shucky darn?!

You're probably going to stump me on this one, Quizmeister! But it looks like part of some kind of gear, with some circular wearing inside the notches, so I will wildly guess it's part of a water-driven wheel and shaft at Saugus Iron Works NHS. If I'm wrong, shucky darn!

Sorry, celbert, that's not a gear, and it has nothing to do with Saugus Iron Works NHS. Keep working on it, though, and you may eventually see the light.

Part of a display of historic lighthouse equipment at Cape Lookout National Seashore?

No, 'fraid it's not historic lighthouse equipment, but I kinda like your thinking!

Death Valley National Park? Borax mining equipment?

Cannon wheel hub at a civil war site.

Not borax mining equipment at Death Valley National Park, and not a cannon wheel hub.

Stagecoach wheel hubs at Yellowstone NP

Sorry, Caprice; a wagon wheel is involved, but the object you must identify is not a wagon wheel hub, and this photo wasn't taken at Yellowstone.

Based on the 9:28am answer, how about part of the mechanism for lowering wagons down the hill at Scott's Bluff NM? I don't like my answer because of that phillips screw in the smaller hoop, and because I don't remember remnants of the mechanism being on display, as i was with a vegetation crew. Also, I don't recall Kurt or Bob travelling in that part of the country.

What?!? We've stumped tomp2??? This is a red-letter day, cuz that doesn't happen often.

It looks like the group has established it's a wagon wheel hub (axle end), so I'm just going to guess every park that might have a covered wagon exhibit. First try: Whitman Mission NHS.

My next guess will be a wagon wheel hub at Bent's Old Fort NHS. Might as well get that one out of the way now.

Git along, little doggy, you're not going to solve it that way;-)

I am stumped also...But I will venture a guess that it is a hub from a wheelwright shop at a Dutch colony lets say Hopewell Furnace National historic site

David, you're on the wrong side of the country. 'Nuff said;-)

Here's some additional information that may be helpful: The object in the cropped photo is attached to a wagon wheel, but the object is not attached to a wagon -- not even indirectly.

David, you are so close we should give it to you. I'll defer to the professor, however, as while you're close, you haven't exactly identified the object in question.

David Crowl has ID-ed the park, but the thing depicted is not a "wooden hub." Here at Traveler we are now taking bets on how long it will take him to see the light.

Pinto Wye Arrastra at Joshua Tree National Park?

How about an old gate/fencepost at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Close?

Well, MizzouBluke, you're kinda in the right time zone...depending on the time of year...

David Crowl has nailed it. Well done!

Not Pinto Wye Arrastra at Joshua Tree National Park.

Here's another hint. The thingie shown in the photo, which looks exactly like a wagon wheel hub, and in other circumstances would simply be described as a wagon wheel hub, is one of a set of thingies just like it, and the set is attached to a wagon wheel that is not attached to a wagon. The entire array is the object you must identify. So far, only David Crowl has done that.

Lamp fixtures at Weaver Ranch House -- of Lonely Dell Ranch at Lees Ferry in Glen Canyon NRA?

'Fraid not, Ln, but you're closer than you might realize....

We're happy to report that Ron Erpelding has joined the winner's circle!

next guess:

Is part of a display at Fort Bowie National Historic Site?

How about a chandelier at El Tovar Lodge in Grand Canyon National Park?

Not in Grand Canyon National Park.

Not at Fort Bowie National Historic Site.

Viewmtn has ID-ed the park, but needs to work some more on the object, which is not part of a bench.

Starting and ending my day with this puzzle of a puzzler.
Is it a wagon wheel lamp located in Fort Laramie NHS?

Not Fort Laramie National Historic Site.

Welcome to the winners circle, Eric. I trust you'll properly thank your wife for her help? ;o)

I thank my wife every day for all her help!