National Park Mystery Photo 40: Sure Is Bright

Dazzling color, but what is it?

Bright it is, but what is the source of its glow? Solve that question, and you just might figure out what national park Mystery Photo is.

But to correctly answer this mystery, we need to know not just what the image is of, but where it was taken. Stumped? Check back tomorrow for the answer.


Looks like a lava tube, most likely at Hawaii Volcano NP.

Congratulations to MRC, who was the first to nail this one.

That looks like part of a lava flow, which would put it at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Aron also got it right. That makes two.

A "window" in a lava flow at Hawaii Volcanoes.

Lee Dalton has checked in with the correct answer too. The tally moves to three.

Lava at Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii

Caprice Kutz ID-ed the photo, providing an apt descriptor and a "close enough" name for the park in which the photo was taken. That's four so far.

I usually don't get these, but I'm going to guess it's a lava tube at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park? Maybe on Kilauea? The material surrounding that hole looks just like a lava flow.

Good going, RangerLady. That makes five.

It's a lava pool. Where? Well that's a little harder to tell, I would guess it's at Hawai'i Volcanoes

William McClusjy has submitted a guess that dances around the correct answer. Heck, we're feeling charitable, so let's count it. That makes six.

Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park

Add ed-123 to those who have correctly identified the location of the image. One demerit, though, for not identifying the image specifically;-)

Hawaii's Volcanic National Park.

A lava skylight from the Kilauea lava flow in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii near Hilo

Two more correct answers, from anonymous and Steve B, who really nailed it and raises our speculation that he's a local!

The full details will be provided tomorrow.

A collapsed lava tube (skylight) at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

vent or a fissure? volcanoes national park. probably kilauea?

Congrats to Eric, who knows what it is and where, and to Dave, who has a pretty accurate guess.

So no wrong guesses yet? How about a lava tube at HAVO?

Tomp2 got it, but we hid his answer to give others a shot.

Lava from Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Looks like a "skylight" in Hawaii Volcanoes NP. Probably from a lava tube flow from Pu'U'Oh'O'.

I think it's looking down into a lava tube at the lava flowing inside. Taken at Hawaii Volcanos National Park.

Anon 8:14, Blackfeet Dreamer, and Anon 9:15 also ID-ed the photo.