Global Warming and our Parks

Hurricane from Space : NASA PhotoIf you are reading this website, you are probably the type of person who is already pretty familiar with the current state of things regarding Global Warming. This has been a topic of particular concern to those of us who enjoy spending time outdoors for many years. It is not a new subject, but it is a subject that has a direct effect on our favorite places.

As its name suggests, Global Warming will affect everybody and every place. I can't help but think of the what changes we will see in our National Parks as a result of the climate changes happening now. We are already seeing obvious signs of warming, like glaciers melting away at a rapid pace. Glacier National Park is in danger of losing what little ice it has left to this warming. As the oceans warm up, hurricanes become more frequent and more intense. What effect will that have on parks near the Gulf, like the Everglades in Florida? The west coast has seen more intense storm activity, especially in the winter. Places like Olympic National Park and Redwoods National Park have had roads wash out annually because of torrential rains. And, as suggested in the book "Scorched Earth", because of prolonged periods of drought in the Mountain West, we may see a higher frequency of intense wild fires that will become more difficult to contain.

Last night the TV program "60 Minutes" had an article called "Rewriting the Science" which focused on how this topic has become so politicized. It's a shame really. Some of our nation's most trusted scientists have been gagged from sharing their research because it does not jive well with the message that the White House wishes to share. This is dangerous politics. We need the truth, not spin. Yes, the size of the U.S. Government is big. But, it will take the resources of big government to make the changes necessary to stop the ever growing warming trend.
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Things are changing but the discussion isn't good when the science is corrupted. A serious look at the motivations (and character) of those with the message.

Interesting new real world data released by NASA concerning GW.

Reality Check,

Although this new NASA study may help inform future climate models, it is one study out of many. Read the bias slant in that article...I kept noticing the word "alarmist" which is far from a neutral word. So I did a little research on the author...he works for the Heartland Institute (the same Heartland Institute that sided with the tobacco companies in the 90's), a libratarian think tank, so I would not put to much credence in the write up of the article...for to the primary source, the article itself, and make your own conclusions. Not taking any jabs here and not arguing the validity of anything, simply asking you to consider the source...just sayin...

If you have to assert that something is "real world" or "reality", then it is worth questioning.

Not too many people up here in Alaska question that climate is changing. For that matter, not too many people who aren't toadies of the oil or other major pollutant companies question climate change.

Mr. B (Toadie in Chief:)
Repeating again for all those Pelosifiles out there. No doubt there IS change going on, you here? What is intended that if the argument, any argument science or otherwise, involves lies, fraud or criminal behavior it pretty much eliminates the person as a respected individual. The difference between real and a lie means everything.
Any Toadies involved in the Hubbell fiasco? I'm not even sure what it means:).