More Info on African Burial Ground NM

African Burial Ground MemorialEarlier this week, the African Burial Ground National Monument was created. Of course, it will now take time for the planning, construction, staff hiring, and more to happen before you can set foot in the monument and learn first hand what the site is all about. Earlier this year though, they did have the forethought to design the memorial. Today I found the website where you can learn a lot more about the future monument. The website has all kinds of interesting information: drawings of the new memorial, artwork, brochures [pdf], and an FAQ among other things. All this information exists in part because before this area was a National Park unit, it has been operated by the U.S. General Services Administration in collaboration with the NPS as a National Historic Landmark since 1991. The drawing on the left comes from the website and is the winning design for the memorial created by Rodney L'on. I look forward to visiting sometime down the road.

Quick Note:
Happy Birthday to Yellowstone National Park. 134 years ago today (March 1, 1872) it was established as the first national park in the world.