Proposed NPS Management Changes Need To Fail

Stop The Rewrite!As I write postings for Park Remark, especially about topics that are politically charged, my hope is to present a balanced argument, allowing you, the reader to come to your own conclusions. But I cannot hide my feeling that these proposed changes to the National Park Management Policies (sometimes referred to as the 'Hoffman Rewrite') are just bad news. From the day the draft changes hit the street there seemed to be a hidden agenda behind the additional new language and also with the words chosen for removal. Remember, this document defines the overarching guidelines for all 388 National Park units across the country. The changes in the new document could absolutely alter everything you know and love about your National Park experience. I do not think I'm overreacting on this. I have yet to read (or even see) a newspaper article or editorial promoting the new changes. It is because nobody thinks this is a good idea: not Senators, not Congressmen, not Public Employees, not retired park rangers, not current park rangers, not advocacy groups, not newspapers, and not me.

If you feel like I do about these changes, please speak up. Today (Friday Feb 17th '06) is the last day for public comment. Speak for those who's voices can't be heard on Capitol Hill: the birds, the trees, the rivers, the natural places that you love. There may be others who wish to speak but can't:
We have received anecdotal evidence from our numerous contacts within the NPS that despite the fact that very few career employees support the draft policies or believe they are in the best interests of the resources of the National Park System and the American people, many of them do not intend to comment on the draft policies because [of a] fear of retaliation and marginalization [that] is so widespread.

Bill Wade in testimony to Congressional Subcommittee, Feb. 15
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