Blogging Ski Conditions for Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park :  Photo by David Restivo, NPSFor today's Friday Fun, we are going back to the Glacier National Park website. Yesterday's post was about a podcasting feature they are experimenting with. Today, I've been looking at another web application they've built for cross-country skiing trails. It's a type of modified blog in which anybody who takes a skiing trail is able to write a review of their own about trail conditions and other details of their trip. Anyone else considering taking the same route is able to read these recent reviews online and presumably make decisions about their own trip based on that feedback.

Here are a couple of examples with reviews:
It seems like a great way for information sharing among both visitors and park employees. The web is a perfect home for this type of information sharing and collaboration. And it looks like this is just the start, similar programs may be in the works. Glacier Park Web Manager Bill Hayden has said:
There are lots of opportunities to use a similar public comment system on other projects in the future. Maybe a page on day hikes, or wildlife sightings, or a "What's Blooming" page will be next. I think we are just scratching the surface with the type of dialogue that this technology offers.
More and more, people are turning to the web as their primary source for information. I'm glad to see the Park Service taking a creative approach to meeting this new demand.