PBS Show: Life in Death Valley

Death Valley : Teakettle JunctionDid anyone catch the program Nature on PBS last night? The show was called Life in Death Valley. It was excellent! I enjoyed it very much. Some very beautiful photography. I was most impressed with the aerial shots of the park, particularly the shots taken above a flying airplane which read "PATROL" across it's wings. Through the air, you are aware of the awesome size of the place (the largest park in the United States outside of Alaska), and the mostly barren environment. The narrator during that segment says something along the lines of "if you get lost out here, good luck trying to survive." The focus of the program were the animals and plants in the park that have adapted to the extreme desert environment in Death Valley National Park. The park averages triple digit temperatures 8 months out of the year. If you missed the show, I'm sure they will broadcast it again, or you can jump to the PBS website to order a copy. A terrific production. Congrats to the producers.

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