Photos : Death Valley at Night & The Queen, Mary

Death Valley at Night - Racetrack Playa : Dan Durisco, NPS Photo
Cool shot of the Death Valley Racetrack Playa, huh? Click the photo for a closer look. This shot comes from Dan Duriscoe of Night Sky Team in the National Park Service. It was published earlier this week on the Astronomy Photo of the Day website. Be sure to catch the explanation under the photo, it describes how the shot was made, and makes reference to programs within the NPS and others to protect the night sky -- like the recent dark sky designation for Natural Bridges.

The Queen Visits WWII Memorial with NPS Director Mary Bomar : Linda Davidson - Washington Post Photo

As you've probably heard, the Queen of England was on a visit here in the USA recently. And, like a lot of foreign tourists who come to this country, she wanted to see the sites. What better tour guide than Park Service Director Mary Bomar! In this Washington Post photo, they wander through the World War II Memorial in D.C. Click the photo to visit the original page.


Just wondering why the Director was leading a tour that one of the rangers at that unit could've done with more expertise and informational background. It really saps morale when the bigwigs jump in to hog the limelight and disappear just as quickly when the news cameras are put back on the truck. Mary, so far, seems to be way more about image than substance, which I guess is par for the course in this outfit.
Come now. We can't have seasonals or lowly permanent GS-7s showing the QUEEN around.
My bad!