Audio Program Covers Hunting in Channel Islands National Park

One of my goals for Park Remark in 2007 is to bring more multimedia to the site. And so, as part of that effort, I invite you to have a listen to this 8 minute audio program created by an NPR affiliate in California. The article introduces us to Santa Rosa Island within the Channel Islands National Park, and to a controversial new program which would allow disabled veterans the opportunity to hunt the non-native deer population on the island.

Renewed Debate on Future of Channel Island

The hunting program is strange on 20 different levels. Hunting in a park? Special access rights? Maintaining an exotic species? No political support? I'm sure you could think of another 16 reasons this program is strange. I agree with the statements made by park superintendent Russell Gallapo in the radio article, "we need to focus on accessibility for all Americans whether they're disabled or not to this island. That's the most important piece. Access to your national park. Not access for the purpose of consumptive uses." He concludes with emphasis that this does not fall under the mission of the National Park Service, "we don't manage exotic species."