In Desperate Need of the Gray and Green

NPS Uniforms : White House PhotoWithin the Park Service, speaking of the "gray and green" is to make reference to the official NPS uniform. I was recently alerted about a lady out there in the blogosphere who has been on a year long quest to apply those colors to her husband, and to top him off with the famous flat hat. The saga is really very funny, but I am sure it is told with more than a hint of truth. For a very good laugh, take time to follow the links below to read the whole story, including funny photos and funny links. I've only copied a paragraph from each post to help tell the brief story -- to be clear, the following are the words of the author at "Oh, The Joys" blog.

March 23, 2006 Hot Park Ranger:
Last night I asked my husband's former boss to help fulfill one of my life long sexual fantasies. Said former boss once ran one of the nations largest and most visited national parks. This means the man has ACCESS to the much coveted park ranger uniform. Park Rangers make my beeper go OFF. Every year for my birthday, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Groundhog Day - whatever - I ask K to dress up like a park ranger, but so far - no ranger. I finally took matters into my own hands and up and asked Mr. Former Head Ranger In Charge to assist me in this important matter. He claimed that he could and would take care of it and bragged that he still had his own ranger hat hanging in his closet ... what a TEASE!

February 13, 2007 Evening Slide Presentation In the Campground Amphitheater:
Okay, okay. I realize that impersonating a federal officer is illegal. But I SWEAR PROMISE, we will never use the Park Ranger uniform for evil... (Hee hee hee ha ha ha, ree ree ree!!!), we will only use it for good. Mmmmmmmm, BABY, YES! (Bow chicka bow bow!) Seriously, who can hook a dork up? There is only ONE day left until Valentine's Day.

February 16, 2007 Shut Up About Park Rangers Already You Freak:
I went to the market and who should be standing in line in front of me? A National Park Ranger in full dress. Oh, the ... anticipation. I was grinning like a fool at the man and making him a bit uncomfortable... so being the complete dork that I am, I said, "Excuse me sir, I really have to tell you something." I confessed my Park Ranger Fetish to this 79 year old African American man and gave him a chuckle. He did confirm that it is illegal to impersonate a Federal Officer, but "only if you get caught," he said. He did not, however, offer me a uniform. I will continue to dream...

To follow the entire quest and to find future articles, follow this link which tracks the Park Ranger topics on her blog. And, if there is anyone out there with an extra NPS uniform that's just gathering dust, I'm sure she'd be very interested in talking with you.

links found via Haunted Hiker : Odds and Ends


I may be funny, but getting my husband dressed up like a National Park Ranger is no joke. I'm a woman with a mission!!
There are uniform items all over eBay.
There are children's sized ranger uniforms, but I don't see my big husband squeezing into those.
OTJ: I was surprised, it looks like there may be some authentic gear on eBay. I just hit it with "National Park Service" and found the results pretty interesting. Check it out:

As of right now, there's a sweater (going for $51), a tie tack, long and short sleeve dress shirts, pants, tie, belts, and even one of my favorite items when I was a ranger, a green fleece jacket! But of course, no ranger uniform would be complete without a flat hat, and to my surprise, there is a summer straw hat for sale too. I think it may get expensive though, with 5 days left, the bidding is already up to $56 bucks.

eBay is amazing.
K's working on one of the hats on e-bay. Pray for me. Heh.
Uniform For Sale: Check out my Ebay listing: