Rental Car Retrieved from Olympic NP

You may remember back in early November a rented PT Cruiser got stuck on the wrong side of a massive road wash-out on the Upper Hoh Road inside of Olympic National Park. The couple who had rented the car have had to pay somewhere between $20 and $30 a day for every day the car has not been returned to the airport. Lucky for them, the park put in a quick temporary bridge to pull the car out of there, only 5 weeks after the washout removed the road. Not bad considering the weather has not really improved since the record setting storms of early November. You can read the brief recovery story in the Peninsula Daily News:

Stranded cars recovered from Hoh River Road exile
A one-lane, temporary bridge was installed over a 75-foot-long by 25-foot-deep washout near West Twin Creek last week and the last of the three cars trapped during the storm Nov. 6 were removed by Friday, said Olympic National Park District Ranger Bill Rohde.

It was in decent condition, having experienced only a shattered rearview mirror, Rohde said.

"There was a rumor an elk got it,'' Rohde said with a laugh, but dismissed that as far-fetched. "Everything else is just fine. It hasn't been up there long enough to get moldy.''