Nez Perce Online Exhibit

Nez Perce Beaded Gauntlet : NPS PhotoBefore I tell you about the Nez Perce exhibit, I've got to ask whether you know about the National Park Service publication called "Common Ground"? The Cultural Resources group within the Park Service publishes a very high quality quarterly magazine for folks interested in what the NPS is doing in preservation. The result is a publication with some knock-out photos, printed on high-gloss paper, and which could easily stand up in quality and content to any magazine you might buy from an airport vendor. The magazine has an online edition too, which mirrors the print edition. The best part? Common Ground is free. I've enjoyed my subscription so far, and have had some ideas for this website come from within the pages of the magazine. One such idea is today's post about the Nez Perce web exhibit.

In the Fall 2006 edition of Common Ground magazine is a nice article describing the "Objects of Life" that are housed in the National Park Service museum collection. There are over a million objects in the Nez Perce collection, housed at the Nez Perce National Historical Park. You would need some very special permission to see most of these objects in person, so instead, the Park Service has photographed and described many of the objects in the collection and made them available on the web. To see these objects, head over to the online exhibit. There are many great photos, all with excellent interpretive text. And, to see any object in greater detail, just click on its photo to pop open a more detailed look. Take a few minutes and check out this great website.