Be Right Back

Park Remark is taking a week off. I'll have new content posted here again starting next week (Nov 13). In the meantime, if you live in California's 11th District, please consider voting against Richard Pombo. More than any other elected official, Pombo is a one-man wrecking machine when it comes to our national parks and wildlands. But you don't have to take my word on that, read what the National Parks Traveler has said about him, or even hit google with "Pombo" and "environment" and see what comes up.

I'll be watching the election results carefully on Tuesday evening hoping for good news out of California's 11th --- (me dreaming now: "this just in, Jerry McNerney has scored a stunning and lopsided victory over Dick Pombo. With his defeat, voters have sent a strong message to congress that trashing our public lands is just not cool anymore.")

I am now back at my desk. I must say that last Tuesday's election was an amazing thing to watch unfold on television. I was out on the town, and every restaurant and bar had CNN coverage going on their TVs. Before the election, all the forecasts were that the Democrats would take the House but no one thought the Senate would also change hands. The changes in store for our country may be great, but I think parks and wildlands may have the most to gain from the change. Can you believe Pombo lost? Earlier in the year I had asked a colleague who closely follows elections whether he thought McNerney had a chance, and he responded with an emphatic "no". It will be interesting to see what happens with incoming 110th congress. Of course, if there is park news to tell, you know I'll be writing about it here.


slacker :)
Your got your wish. Pombo's out. McNerny's in. Another sigh of relief.