Transitioning Director

Mary Bomar As New NPS Director : NPS PhotoA few more thoughts about the transition between Mainella and Bomar as NPS Director. There are somewhat persistent rumors that Mainella was forced out of the job, and that even during the time she held her post, she was kept out on the road to stay away from the real decision making processes in D.C. It seems odd, because Mainella's public statements and past actions would seem to be inline with those of Former DOI Secretary Norton and the Bush administration. And in that respect, she seemed to be very much a "yes" woman. Perhaps she was not enough of a "yes" woman. Of course, there is no way to prove these rumors unless Mainella were to confirm them. And now that she is once again Miss Citizen Public will she speak out? Probably not, but it would help solve the riddle of the NPS decision tree if she did. In a farewell letter to employees she writes:
My time as National Park Service director has been the proudest work of my life, and it has come to an end. I wanted to tell you what a privilege it has been to serve with you. Through our challenges and opportunities, you have remained dedicated to your work and steadfast to the mission, and for that and for many other reasons, I am so grateful.
In the mean time, Bomar now makes her way from the streets of Philadelphia to the halls of the NPS Washington office. Is there a hidden agenda that Bomar will need to accomplish for the current administration to remain in good standing? The 2006 NPS Management Policies are set, but are there other inroads that privatization and motorized recreation interests will attempt with the new Director. Will Bomar rebuff these attempts or accept them as opportunities to "cooperate for the betterment of our parks". Only time will tell. In her remarks to the crowd gathered for her ceremony at Independence Hall, Bomar said
To our Friends and partners, I promise to work with you in the months and years to come, to listen, to learn and to cooperate for the betterment of our parks'for our volunteers, 150,000 strong across this great nation, I will not forget your selfless service to the crown jewels of America'and for the 20,000 men and women of the National Park Service, I pledge that I will remain true to our mission to preserve unimpaired the special places in America for the generations yet to come'You truly are the best!
Philadelphia Inquirer - Independence Park's former chief moves up


The best line in her remark is "I pledge that I will remain true to our mission to preserve unimpaired the special places in America for the generations yet to come." If it were up to Bomar, it's my understanding that all she wants is Wackenhut Corporation to take over, she would rather have a bunch of unskilled security guards like the ones surrounding Independence Hall. If the public new half the corruptness that surrounds Independence National Historical park management, where Bomar was SUPERINTENDENT, this promotion would not have happened, NPS supporters would have revolted. Go ahead and flush the toilet on her administrative term.