Travel Blog for Women

I've added a new blog to my collection of links. The focus of Park Remark is pretty narrow to the National Park Service, but I recognize that many readers are here because they enjoy traveling all over the place, not just inside the parks. If that describes you, you may enjoy the website "For Women Traveling Solo". Don't let the name fool you, while a lot of the content is specific to women, there is much good information and discussion there for all travelers. I used to work with the author, Beth Whitman, and can tell you that she knows her stuff. She is a world traveler and a bit of an adventurer. You are more apt to find her exploring a foreign country side on the back of a motor bike than traveling in an air conditioned luxury motorcoach with other western travelers. A recent tip I picked up from her newsletter: rather than look for an unoccupied power outlet for your laptop in the airport, pack along an outlet splitter and share the power with your fellow travelers. You may meet someone interesting in the process. Thanks Beth.