Hunting for Idiots

This little story is exactly the reason I love reading the NPS Morning Report. This is the type of entertainment that you can't make up. It's got all the ingredients for a laugh: A stupid drunk, a vehicle, a gun, a deer decoy, then sprinkle in some beer for taste.
On November 28th, rangers were running a deer decoy operation near a cemetery along Zion Church Road in the southern end of the park when a man drove up the road in a pickup truck, stopped his truck in the middle of the road, and immediately shot at a decoy white-tail deer from inside the vehicle. The rangers' investigation showed that in addition to the illegal hunting, the man was driving on a suspended license, had open containers of beer in the truck, and had a .075% BAC based on a preliminary breath test. He was charged with numerous hunting and other violations
I'm glad this guy is off the streets, otherwise, it would be open season on all those Christmas lawn decorations of Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Park: Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area