NPS Director Mainella to Resign

NPS Director Fran MainellaI've just heard through the grapevine that Park Service director Fran Mainella has announced her resignation. There are not a lot of details yet, but the reason given is so she can spend more time with family. The resignation is not immediate, but will probably happen within a pretty short frame of time. Fran has been the 16th Director of the National Park Service, and the first woman to lead the agency. I had read in a recent Vanity Fair article that it was Mainella's goal to be the longest serving director, and also to visit every park unit managed within the NPS. With this news today, I don't think either of those goals will have been achieved. I'm sure we'll hear more about this story in the days to come. I'll add updates if I get word of anything new.

UPDATE: Here is a portion of Fran's letter to employees. The complete letter can be read here
You, the work that you do, and your complete dedication to the stewardship and enjoyment of the parks have made me proud to be a part of the everlasting legacy of the National Park Service. But now, I have had to make a difficult decision, and I have decided to resign as your director to spend more time with my family, especially my parents and in-laws who have been having health issues. I will, however, continue to work with you for the next few months, working to finalize Management Policies, celebrate the NPS's 90th anniversary, and finish several key projects.

As I wrote to the President, and find very important to say to all of you also, is that it has been a privilege to be entrusted with leading the National Park Service in preserving and protecting America's national parks' some of the most beautiful lands, most significant sites and most treasured heritage of the nation. Our work has been based on the conviction that preservation of the parks and their enjoyment by present and future generations is one of the greatest of American undertakings.

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