National Mall Online Tour

Slate Magazine as part of their 10 year anniversary has been re-publishing some older pieces. This is one that, as they say on their website, takes advantage of the unique nature of the web for delivering multimedia, both audio and video. There are 10 stops total, which include places like the Washington Monument and the new WWII Memorial. Here's the link: - How Good Is the Washington Monument?

I thought the slide show was alright, but I loved the audio tour. It is packaged up so you can listen to it online, but if you have the opportunity to download it to something like an iPod it would be perfect as a companion to an actual (instead of virtual) walking tour of the Mall.


My Mission 66 memories started in Oct. 1958 when I started my NPS career at Organ Pipe Cactus. Four new residences, a Visitor Center and a 150-unit campground had all been recently built under Mission 66. But I, being the new Ranger & low man on the totem pole, lived in an old quonset house with a generator running next to me! One interesting aspect of Mission 66 was that the Western Office of Design & Construction assigned a person to our park (& to most others I'm sure) to supervise & monotor the Mission 66 cnstruction. I remember the fellow we had (Frank Pimentel) did a great job.