Park Service River Stories on NPR

National Public RadioYesterday's broadcast (June 20) of "All Things Considered" on NPR had two stories involving the National Park Service. In what is probably a coincidence both stories happen to be about rivers, one in the East and the other in the West. I've posted the links here if you'd like to listen:

Park Service, Residents Disagree on Development
4 minutes 45 seconds
The National Park Service opposes a new development just outside New River Gorge National River, a West Virginia landmark. The Park Service fears the nearby houses will be an eyesore. But some residents support the economic development that new residents would bring to the area.

Rescuers Prepare for a Wild Whitewater Season
3 minutes 48 seconds
On a recent day in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park, about a dozen rangers dressed in thick wetsuits and brightly-colored helmets participated in rescue practice exercises. Even these fit and highly trained rescue rangers are gulping water and gasping for air during some of the exercises. This, despite being dressed in wetsuits -- better protection than an average tourist is likely to have. The 45-degree water usually saps people's strength in less than five minutes, says ranger Ned Kelleher.