ABC News Asks : Where are the Rangers?

ABC World News Tonight aired this piece within the last week. The news article reveals to the nation what a lot of you may already know, that rangers are now a rare breed in the National Parks. The reason has to do with money. And while the policy makers will tell us that the budget for the NPS has not been contracted, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has demonstrated that inflation has taken it's toll. The reality is that today there are only 8 seasonal interpreters in Yosemite National Park, down from 45 interpreters just five years ago. Have a look at the piece:

ABC News : Something Missing in America's National Parks

After following that link, click the video icon on the left to see this news article. You have to sit through an advertisement first, the cost of watching their video on-demand. Does this just leave a bitter taste in your mouth?
The number of rangers has dwindled to a point where one visitor felt compelled to photograph one of them. "He's the first ranger I've seen in here dressed in his uniform since I've been here ' three days," the woman said.