A Park Blogger Worth Reading

There is a new blogger on the scene who writes about issues regarding the National Park Service. His name is Art Allen. If there is anyone out there that can claim they've "been there and done that" within the NPS, it is Art. Here is the bio following one of his posts:
Art served as a park ranger at Blue Ridge Parkway, Naturalist at Big Bend National Park, Assistant Chief of Interpretation and Resource Management at Canyonlands National Park. He also worked as a park planner in Washington, DC and became Chief of the newly formed Division of Museum Services in 1970, a post he held for 12 years. In 1983, Art became assistant superintendent of Blue Ridge Parkway until he retired in 1990.
He's had two essays posted so far, but they are both worth reading and I expect that as new posts are made the quality of content will be just as high. Art is writing as part of the "Undercover Activists Blog" on the Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) website. Direct link to Art's posts.

I've been made aware of a few other park related blogs recently that you may enjoy viewing.

Jesse's Life is a well designed site written by a former computer programmer who has chucked it all to discover America from his pick-up truck. Specifically, he's trying to visit all the National Park units around the nation. He has been posting photos and nice travelogues of his journeys all along the way.

Park Specific Blogs