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Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

  • A grizzly sow linked to two fatal maulings of hikers in Yellowstone National Park has been killed by rangers, and her two cubs have been placed in an educational zoo outside the park, Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk announced Monday.

    The 250-pound sow, estimated to be six or seven years old, was tied to both the

  • Thirty-five years ago Shenandoah National Park was bestowed with official wilderness by the Congress.

  • Keep your eyes on the House Natural Resources Committee this week, as the committee is expected to take action on measures that could set a precedent for "wild and scenic" rivers, force stocking of non-native fish in North Cascades National Park, and realign wilderness boundaries to allow for a road to be moved out of a flood-prone area in North Cascades.

  • Military cemeteries are poignant reminders of past wars, of battles that tore the fabric of societies. Today you can walk these grounds at more than 100 national cemeteries that were created prior to 1870.