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Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

  • Rocky Mountain National Park boasts one of the most expansive areas of alpine terrain in the United States as well as beautiful forests and mountain meadows.

Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

  • A series of mishaps and missteps led to the death of one visitor to Yellowstone National Park and left several others injured, including one who received significant burns when he got too close to a thermal area, park officials said.

    Park officials say Carl Dullmaier, 56, of Gernsheim, Germany, sustained a fatal hea

  • A University of Maine student working her way up a section of the Precipice Trail in Acadia National Park was killed when she slipped and fell about 60 feet.

    The trail that climbs up the cliffsides of Champlain Mountain is one of the most demanding in the park, and possibly within the entire National Park System, because

  • In the past few months, I’ve mentioned some topics that inevitably spawn good-natured debate among birders. Is 8x or 10x magnification for binoculars a better choice? Are photographic or painted field guides more useful?

    We’ll debate those topics ad nauseum if allowed to, but it never comes to blows.

  • With the nation currently marking the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, a series of commemorative coins has been minted to track the conflict. And now there's a booklet where you can hold those coins.

    The nation was wrought with conflict 150 years ago, while the Union and Confederacy fought epic battles during the American Civil War.