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Friday, April 20th, 2012

  • Much like an iceberg, the hole in the asphalt in Yellowstone National Park was only a small indication of a much larger problem beneath the roadway.

  • Five groups, including the National Parks Conservation Association and the Sierra Club, are being allowed to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the Interior Department's decision to [url=

  • Eight units of the National Park System are splitting $164,000 for use in developing climate-change programs that teachers can use to help their students understand the changing world around us.

    The funding, made available through the National Park Foundation, helps parks work with teachers to develop engaging curriculum for their students on the subject of climate cha

  • What you put on your feet when you're out and about in the national parks goes a long way towards ensuring your comfort. Of your feet, at least.

  • If you’d driven through the Smokies 50 years ago you would have seen a landscape recovering from clearcutting and fires with rocky peaks and distant views in all directions.

    Today, the verdant greenery of the Smokies has softened those views and even obscured many once dramatic vistas. “Vista clearing” is the remedy.