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Walking Cape Hatteras National Seashore - Part 1

On the Dunes
The Mountains-to-Sea Trail in North Carolina travels the length of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Danny Bernstein, the author, walked the beach and reports on her experience. This is part one.

Pruning the Parks: Mackinac National Park (1875-1895)

Though few people seem to know or care, Michigan's long-ago abolished Mackinac National Park was America's second national park. Yellowstone got there first, but not by much.

National Park Road Trip 2011: Fort Davis National Historic Site

En route from Big Bend National Park to Mesa Verde National Park to work on updating their national park lodging guidebook, David and Kay Scott managed to squeeze in a side-trip to Fort Davis National Historic Site.

Does Today's Technology Offer A Better Connection, Or A Disconnect, To Enjoying National Parks?

How much should the National Park Service rely on technology to connect visitors to the national parks once they reach a park?

"State of Birds" Report Points To Value of National Parks, Other Public Lands For Birds

The Interior Department's 2011 "State of the Birds" report focuses on the importance that national parks, and other public landscapes, provide for hundreds of bird species.

National Park Road Trip 2011: Big Bend And Chisos Mountains Lodge

Big Bend National Park is an expansive, wild park full of adventure and surprises. After all, it's not every park where you'll spot a cougar walking across the patio of your lodge.

National Park Road Trip 2011: LBJ Slept Here

A unit of the National Park System with its only private jet, and one with panthers strolling the grounds, are the latest stops for our intrepid lodging consultants, David and Kay Scott.

Traveler's International Readership Expected to Show Dramatic Increases

Traveler readership may soon grow by 100% or more in many countries around the world.

Updated: Wildfire Kills Four Florida Panther Kittens in Big Cypress National Preserve

Neither efforts by crews to remove brushy fuels nor water drops from helicopters could save a litter of four Florida panther kittens from dying in a wildfire sweeping across Big Cypress National Preserve.

National Parks Road Trip 2011: Into the Lone Star State

As David and Kay Scott set out on their trip to visit national park lodges to update their guidebook, they come upon a rarity at Gulf Islands National Seashore -- a campground with hot and cold running water and electricity...run by the National Park Service.

Traveler's View: Rethink National Park Pass Fees

Interior Department officials need to rethink the fees that are charged for annual park passes.

Reflecting On The "State Of The National Parks" In The Wake Of National Park Week

Handling endangered and threatened species and off-road vehicles, scalping campsite reservations, and the interpreting of parks by smartphone are among the things to wonder about in the wake of National Park Week.

Report Raises Concerns Over How Colorado River Basin Dams Impact National Parks

Some of the most magnificent national parks of the Southwest owe their rugged beauty to the Colorado River and its tributaries. Unfortunately, dams that have sprung up along the river have changed the water flows in a way detrimental to these national parks, according to a report from the National Parks Conservation Association.

Corporate Relations And The National Parks: Good Deal?

While corporate support can be vital to the health of national parks, whether to accept that support can be a challenging question, particularly in these times of financial stress and overall declines in charitable giving.

By the Numbers: Apostle Islands National Lakeshore

Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore features picturesque islands, historic light stations, sandstone cliffs, sea caves, pristine beaches, old-growth forest, and abundant wildlife.

Traveler's Checklist: Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Sumter National Monument has become an even more popular tourist destination now that the Civil War 150th anniversary commemoration is under way. Here is information to help you plan your visit.

Kemp's Ridley Turtle Nesting Season Off To Good Start At Padre Island National Seashore

Relatively small in size, and easily camouflaged in the beach sand, the Kemp's ridley sea turtle didn't come ashore at Padre Island National Seashore to bask in the sun, but rather to lay her clutch of eggs and retreat to the Gulf of Mexico in less than an hour.

Road Trip 2011: The National Park Lodges

"On the road again." That's what David and Kay Scott soon will be singing, as our lodging experts are heading out on a swing through the National Park System to update their book on national park lodges. And you're invited to tag along.

War And Consequences: The American Indian Movement Vs. The National Park Service At Fort Laramie, Part II

What parts of history did the National Park Service leave out in its interpretation of the 19th-century Indian Wars and the role of Fort Laramie, now a national historic site?

War And Consequences: The American Indian Movement Vs. The National Park Service At Fort Laramie

Has the National Park Service failed to adequately and fully explore Native American history at Fort Laramie National Historic Site, skewing history to avoid discussing the darker side to the Indian wars? A long-time Park Service historian thinks so.

How Stable Is The Future Of Isle Royale National Park's Wolf Population?

Inbreeding, gender woes, and even climate change could be conspiring to doom the future of Isle Royale National Park's wolf population.

Distilling The Facts About Securing The Southwestern Border With Mexico Can Be Tricky

U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop's continued attacks on environmental laws he maintains are preventing the U.S. Border Patrol from securing the Southwestern border with Mexico raise conflicting accounts and accusations that the Department of Homeland Security sees the issue as a cash cow not to be corralled.

Manassas National Battlefield Park - Battlefield And So Much More

Henry house
Manassas National Battlefield Park protects Civil War battlefields where the North and South fought twice. But it's also a good place to hike and bird.

Voices From a Drowned Treasure: The Music Temple Register

In the early 1960s, the rising waters of Lake Powell permanently submerged Music Temple, one of Glen Canyon's most spectacular side canyons. Fortunately, the remarkable site's visitor register was moved to safety.

Inn Step With Asheville, The Blue Ridge Parkway’s Premier Place to Pause

Even if you don’t explore the Blue Ridge Parkway’s miles of easy “leg-stretcher” trails, this meandering, 45-mph-motor-trail delivers the explosive bloom of Appalachian spring right through the windshield.

Jennifer Pharr Davis Hoping To Thru-Hike Appalachian Trail In Record Time

Jennifer Pharr Davis, who owns the women's record for speed-hiking the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, has set her sights on besting the men's record this summer.

Essay Contest Winners View National Parks as "America At Her Best," Cite Need For Preservation, Benefits For Kids

Why national parks need to be preserved, how they reflect "America at her best," and how parks benefit kids were the themes expressed by the winners of the Traveler's first Take Your Family to the National Parks essay contest.

Essay Winner: 13-Year-Old Spencer Sablan on Why President Obama Should Protect The National Parks

In the 12-15 age bracket, Spencer Sablan, of Las Vegas, Nevada, took up the challenge of writing President Obama to urge him to preserve the National Park System for all it offers visitors.

Essay Winner: 17-Year-Old R.J. Huber On How To Address Threats To National Parks

In his essay in the high school division, R.J. Huber, 17, of Cincinnati, Ohio, cited threats he sees to the National Park System and proposed solutions to counter them.

Essay Winner: 11-Year-Old Marion Watson On Why National Parks Are Good For Kids

In addressing the value of national parks to kids, 11-year-old Marion Watson, of Petoskey, Michigan, not only drew colorful imagery with her essay, but wrote it on paper she decorated with colorful birds and flowers.