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  • Upon Further Review: If It Smells Like Gasoline...   5 years 42 weeks ago

    No, officer- I haven't been drinking

  • Zuni-Cibola National Historical Park, the Park that Died A-Borning   5 years 42 weeks ago

    While Devils Tower is an important place in the myths of a number of Native American people, it is not and never was part of a reservation on any of the nations. If you want to compare Zuni-Cibola with an existing NPS unit, look at Canyon de Chelly National Monument. This one is on Navajo land and protects resources of pre-navajo Anasazi culture as well of Navajo heritage. Its status is in dispute, as the Navajo nation wants it back.

  • Sections of Pacific Crest Trail Poached by Mountain Bikers; Could Problems Arise in National Parks?   5 years 42 weeks ago

    I just poached a section of the PCT today on my mtb. I know that mtb's are not supposed to be on the PCT but the short section (less than 1.5 mi.) I rode linked up a huge network of trails. Maybe certain sections of the PCT that have heavily traveled mtb trails linking up to it should be considered as multi-use sections (hike, horse, bike). In these sections, signage can alert the hiker/horse pounder that they will be sharing a certain section of trail with mtb's.

  • Zuni-Cibola National Historical Park, the Park that Died A-Borning   5 years 42 weeks ago

    This is a very good thing. It is a shame that such respect for Native peoples wishes wasn't given much thought when places such as "devils tower" National Monument and many other example were birthed. Maybe progress is being made and lets hope this example becomes the norm.

  • Sky Diving at Denali National Park? A Florida-Based Company Thinks It's a Great Idea   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Well we did the jumps with success on 6-25-09 (3 times). You obviously now nothing about parachutes and you comments are unfound. I have been around parachuting and airplanes all of my 52 years of life and have much more experience to counter your remarks. This includes military HALO and HAHO jumps as a Green Beret. Openings at 22, 000 ft are well away from the the winds below the the mountain peaks. In the military HAHO jumps are done regularly and the only element to deal with was the temparture.

    Jim Horak
    Emerald Coast Skydiving Center

  • Upon Further Review: If It Smells Like Gasoline...   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Dude! You've got to be kidding!

  • Land Donation Will Boost Size of Harpers Ferry National Historical Park By 176 Acres   5 years 42 weeks ago

    I once contributed to CWPT. This story inspires me to repeat that gesture.

  • Latest Pastime of Yellowstone National Park Bison: Human Tossing   5 years 42 weeks ago

    I came here expecting to see the usual story of people who walk up close to a wild animal, thinking they are cute and cuddly, wanting to get a close-up or pose with the animal, or having something much worse on their minds.

    Such was not the case in this story. I actually sympathize with this poor woman, although the warnings to be aware of one's surroundings and cautious around wildlife are to be heeded by everyone.

  • Secretary Salazar Wants Everglades National Park to Return to Endangered List   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Like everything else that administration did, removing the Everglades from the List of World Heritage in Danger suited them because it was good for business. For eight years, we had secretaries and administrators whose chief jobs were to ensure that the activities, standards, and goals for which their agencies were created were downsized, contained, and thwarted in the interests of business profits. What a disaster that has been for the land upon which we live, the water that we drink, the air that we breathe. Thank God for the election of President Barack Obama.

  • NPCA, TWS Presidents Meet With Canadian Ambassador To Seek Solution to Development in Flathead Valley   5 years 42 weeks ago

    These waters are pristine and full of life. They're an important part of the ecosystem here. The parks have huge historic value and will have damaging impacts if they're not preserved. If you haven't fished, drank or have taken a dip in these bodies of water in the Flathead you might never understand. Please don't let anyone destroy this relic area. The area doesn't need to be changed and the wildlife need to be protected from the mining of an outdated energy source. Solar and wind power is the future and is for the better. Movie directors choose this area for a reason, please keep it this way!

  • Traveler Tech Update: IE8 and Latest Performance   5 years 42 weeks ago

    The web site traffic problem - that's a good problem to have!

    The problem with IE8 is easy; just don't download the darned thing (and watch out for it in automatic Windows Updates). Why is it in recent years that every time Microsoft makes a move, we cringe? Too many darned doodads!

  • A Window Into North Cascades National Park   5 years 42 weeks ago

    May it remain "one of those places that many folks often don't think about" . . . until I have seen it myself! ;-)

  • UNESCO Agrees to Send Field Team to Inspect Threats to Glacier, Waterton National Parks   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Poor little Jack no longer can you or people like you just pillage the land for profit without first looking at the impact it will have on the surrounding habitats. I feel so sorry for your wallet.

  • Rangifer tarandus   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Caribou tend to be scraggly looking in the spring and early summer. They shed their undercoat and have to endure constant attacks by insects. As fall approaches their coats fill out and they gain weight in preparation for the approaching winter.

  • Latest Pastime of Yellowstone National Park Bison: Human Tossing   5 years 42 weeks ago

    I really don't think the handgun would kill the bison instantly, but I'm not too educated here. I'd assume, as stated above, it would only make the bison act more aggressively.

  • Hot Springs Hoopla Goads Government   5 years 42 weeks ago

    This can't possibly be a priority for an agency that is supposedly underfunded and over-extended in its mission. What difference does any of this make? It is just another local public relations black eye waiting to happen for an organization that seems to lose more and more of its credibility and relevance with each passing day.

    By the way, is it still necessary for the federal taxpayer to be running this place? It seems that this is just the sort of unit that could easily be transferred to a number of entities either public or private.

    Is this park a crown jewel? Wouldn't a national historic designation suffice and then see if someone else might be interested in running it? That this unit pays to have on staff a national park superintendent just like Glacier or Yosemite (at a similar pay rate I would presume) seems not only silly but an insulting affront to hard working taxpayers everywhere. I say let this artifact from a bygone era of park designations join Platt National Park in the history books as a hot spring site that came and then went away as a named national park.

  • Rangifer tarandus   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Can't help looking twice at this photo that shows a slightly underweight beast and wondering what the rest of the herd looks like. Nice photo that catches the grace of the animal.

  • Hot Springs Hoopla Goads Government   5 years 42 weeks ago

    >>it has nothing to do with status.<<


  • Hot Springs Hoopla Goads Government   5 years 42 weeks ago

    To Anonymous - changing the name of a national park unit does not "downgrade" it. The title designations have no rhyme or reason. Hence, Hot Springs National Park, Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and so on. Changing the name might be a good idea - but it has nothing to do with status.

  • Upon Further Review: If It Smells Like Gasoline...   5 years 42 weeks ago

    A firefighter, too.

  • Stanley W. Abbott, Wizard of the Blue Ridge Parkway   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Thanks, Linda. I hate to admit it, but I was completely unaware of this interesting fact. I'll definitely stop to see this marker for myself the next time I'm in the area.

  • Rangifer tarandus   5 years 42 weeks ago

    As Ray points out, Aniakchak is not exactly overwhelmed with visitors. During the last three years of record, Aniakchak had a grand total of 96 recreational visits, which is an average of 32 visitors per year). No visits at all were recorded during 26 of those 36 months. This NPS unit is certainly a great place for solitude seekers. It averages one visitor per 18,836 acres per year.

  • Upon Further Review: If It Smells Like Gasoline...   5 years 42 weeks ago

    As Bugs Bunny would say,"Whaat a maroon!"(What a moron)

  • Rangifer tarandus   5 years 42 weeks ago

    Ah, brings back memories. I recall flying a Cessna 206 on floats into the crater and landing on Surprise Lake at the bottom. It was truly otherworldly. The weather is perhaps the most extreme of any unit of the National Park System. Aniakchak may also be the least visited park unit.

  • Latest Pastime of Yellowstone National Park Bison: Human Tossing   5 years 42 weeks ago

    If you read the darn story, the father and daughter were in the neighborhood of 100 yards away from the rogue bison in a group of about 50 people with a RANGER! The bisopn charged another individual who headed for the group and the ranger seeking safety in numbers. The crowd scattered, but the father was no doubt hindered by the relatively slow speed of his daughter. These two people did nothing wrong! They were NOT idiots! If the ranger could walk up to within 15 feet of the bison, next to the threatened individuals, he could have easily shot the critter in the head. I would have guessed it was about 50/50 as to what that bison would have done when the ranger shot into the ground.