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  • Book Review: Let's Go See:All 50! -- Visiting the 50 States Journal   5 years 39 weeks ago

    May 16, 2009, I made it to Hawaii, my 50th visited state. I love it.

  • Ice Age Floods Trail Commemorates Floods of Unimaginable Ferocity   5 years 39 weeks ago

    For the past several years, the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) has worked with the Ice Age Floods Institute and the Washington State Congressional delegation to see the creation of this trail. We look forward to its completion.

    The implementation and management of the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail will present to the public the story of the greatest outburst floods known to science. These cataclysmic geologic events were known only to professional geologists until recent decades. As the public has become more aware this amazing story, the demand for more interpretive facilities, tours and information has grown dramatically.

    The trail will link existing and future federal, state, local, private and tribal interpretive facilities into a comprehensive scientific presentation of the Ice Age Floods. This trail will be managed by the National Park Service.

    In a day and age where rural communities are struggling to find new revenue sources and are becoming more and more reliant on tourism, economically the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail will be a boon for rural communities across the northwest. In a report funded by the National Park Service, researchers estimate this park unit will help contribute over $1 billion in tax revenue, over $18 billion in travel spending and over one quarter of a million jobs in the four state region.

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 39 weeks ago

    Of all the really important things that face on a daily bases how on earth can people get themselves on there ear over whether people are celebrating Naked Hiker day!!! Perspective People!!! It's just one more way for people to enjoy themselves without hurting anyone.

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 39 weeks ago

    Nekkid is a wonderfully useful term, don't you think? It puts me in mind of a standup routine that the late comedian/author Lewis Grizzard used to do. He would say: "There's a difference between naked and nekkid. If we say that Darlene is naked, we mean that she has no clothes on. If we say that Darlene is nekkid, we mean that she has no clothes on and is up to something."

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 39 weeks ago

    This was attempted at Assateague Island for awhile. A section of the beach was set aside for nudist, but they wouldn't stay in their designated spot and would wander on down the beach. The people who prefered suits knew there were nekkid people up north and wouldn't go there, but the nudist would ignore the boundaries and would wander on down, showing it all. I have no problem with nudity, but many people do and that needs to be respected. I'm not saying that all nudists are like this, but a good majority at the beach felt they had the right to go where they pleased.

    Also in Shenandoah, there's "Naked Creek" and it's called that for a reason!

  • Inspiring Service in the National Parks   5 years 39 weeks ago

    This young person is to be commended. Boy Scouts and the Order of the Arrow have also done this type of service in the past and continue to do similar projects locally and nationally.

  • Update: At 25 Years and Counting, Jackson Hole Airport Still Owes For Its Footprint   5 years 39 weeks ago

    In defense of the airport, there really isn't anywhere else for it to be. I am for the needed terminal renovations but in return I think a $5 per ticket fee should be charged and that money earmarked for adjoining land purchases to expand the national park. 533 acres have been lost forever, it is past time to start getting acreage back !

  • Vehicle Passes Still Available for Great Smoky Mountains National Park's 75th Anniversary Concert   5 years 39 weeks ago

    Concert was GREAT!

    Gave the other ticket to a couple at the Townsend vistor center.

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 39 weeks ago

    Perhaps it is time for the NPS to designate just a few trails as "clothing optional" and cite anyone who appears nekkid in other areas of the park. This would give both of the naturalists and the nervous each a separately designated area and allow those of us who neither care if you are prude or nude the ability to go anywhere on the trails with the understanding we may or may not encounter nudity. Mostly I think people are concerned about junior or his sis seeing something the parents have not yet discussed with their children, no problem and I understand completely. But then again mom and pop should not freak out when seeing a naked body enjoying the full outdoors if they venture onto a clothing optional trail, I doubt mom or dad was clothed when the offspring were conceived.

    Nude is how we arrived in this world and when you die a stranger will strip you nude and dissect and/or bathe your body in preparation for burial or creamation. People should be less uptight about nudity and accpet the fact that nudity in and of it self is not obscene but only natural. It is clothing that makes people "class segregated" and conscious of their appearance. How does someone explain nipples on a man are OK to show in public but nipples on a woman are not? Why is it OK for a young woman to wear a thong to the beach but anyone else is considered gross or perverted? Plain discrimination I see.

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 39 weeks ago

    One thing that I'm trying to get a solid handle on is what the current status is regarding ramifications or legal trends against anyone caught hiking naked on federal lands that are in the proximity (within a mile or two) of residential areas? How has Megan's Law affected the policy of looking the other way? Are more hikers being arrested for lewd conduct/indecent exposure which are felonies rather than the prior occasional misdemeanor or admonishments to "putyer pants back on"?

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Bob. There are times to "look the other way". Then again...........

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I too ride for pleasure, but I have seen too many friends crash without a helmet. I understand the "freedom" part and the "uncomfortable" clothing and head gear complaint BUT; if you ignore a risk you have no one but YOURSELF to complain about. It is your choice and YOU must be accountable for it. I do however hope the best for fellow riders as I would hope for their concern if I were injured.

  • Replicas of Vintage Buses Returning to North Cascades National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Beautiful! Hopefully, other parks will pick up on the idea and pry more people out of their private cars.

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    It is amazing to NOT read any concern over fellow human beings, regardless of how you feel about helmet laws, motorcycles, flora/fauna, or life on another planet. Ladies and Gentlemen, two PEOPLE were injured, one severely. Where is our compassion and our hope of a fast and healthy recovery? It seems that most are more concerned with broadcasting their disdain over what this couple may have done wrong.

    I ride my motorcycle to Yellowstone/Tetons every other year, a 5500 mile round trip. It pains me whenever one of our community gets injured. "If you only drive a cage you will never comprehend"


  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Terrible way to ruin a trip to Yellowstone. The park is way too beautiful to be going 65 MPH. Would the accident have happened had they been going the speed limit? Probably. Would the injuries have been as severe? Probably not. Slow down people, you're not in the big city, you're in paradise.

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Helmets indeed...and should be the best that money can buy. There's nothing more arrogant and full of stupidity, is to see some motorcyclist riding without a decent head helmet. When motorcycle accidents do occur, most likely there's some trauma to the skull, and riding without a helmet your inviting yourself to be a bed ridden vegetable for the rest of your life. Skull fractures and living in and out of a comatose state from a sever head injury from a bad motorcycle accident, your chain balled to constant nursing care around the clock. Not to mentioned the astronomical medical costs to keep you alive. If you don't have medical coverage...guess who pays for it? Riding a cycle through the National Parks, is like poetry in motion, but watch out for the WILD LIFE and DRUNKEN DRIVERS. From a ex-surgical tech.

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I was returning to Ca. on saturday from Yellowstone after 13 days in the park. I found it interesting that motorcycle drivers have to drive so fast. The speed limit in the park is 45 mph or slower. I was passed so many times by motorcycles driving in excess of the limit. If they need speed...stay home, save our wildlife for those who really appreciate them...signed a wildlifge photographer.

  • Naked Hikers Let It All Hang Out On the Summer Solstice   5 years 40 weeks ago

    We went hiking in Zion's National Park through the "Subway" canyon, and encountered a group of nude hikers. It was really uncomfortable for me, but more uncomfortable for my friend's 8-year old son who was with us. It was unavoidable to see them and run in to them throughout the hike. We first encountered them at one of the first pools you need to cross. They were hangin-out there, pardon the expression, figuring out how to cross.

    Just remember that kids are sometimes hiking in National Parks, too....and be prepared to cover up if you HAVE to hike in the buff. Sheesh :)

  • Cape Hatteras National Seashore Settlement Spawns Vandalism   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I am so sorry to report that the NPS have eliminated foxes from Hatteras Island. They "think" there may be one left. How sad is this? Foxes are indigenous to Hatteras Island.

    I do not see how the salvation of one species should be at the expense of another. Plover are not on the endangerd species list.

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Pronghorn are very common in Wyoming. You'll find them in Yellowstone in the far north of the park near the North Entrance. The very best pictures I ever took of Pronghorn were in the Badlands in 2005 - see
    this link
    . Pronghorn are extremely fast; I bet they didn't know what hit them ... perhaps, never seeing the pronghorn.

    Jim Macdonald
    The Magic of Yellowstone
    Yellowstone Newspaper
    Jim's Eclectic World

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    Here in South Carolina, motorcyclists are not required to wear helmets. One result is that many motorcyclists in this state are killed every year in accidents they might easily have survived if they had been wearing helmets. From time to time, a wag suggests that we pass a law requiring helmet-hating motorcyclists to purchase "Donorcycle" license tags bearing the owner's blood type.

  • Pronghorn Antelope Knocks Two Off Motorcycle in Grand Teton National Park   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I was lucky enough to go to the Four Corners area 2 years ago touring on a motorcycle. We loved seeing the wildlife and one of our first thrills was seeing pronghorn off in the distance...we never got to see them up close. I cannot imagine what it was for everyone involved to have the bliss of the day turned so quickly. And of course helmets, helmets, helmets.

  • As Yellowstone National Park is to Wolves, Is Great Smoky Mountains National Park to Elk?   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I feel that every wolf in the state of Montana need to be managed by means of hunting and trapping. There are more wolves in the state then the they want you to know about. The amount is way over the original trial. It is time for them to be managed.

  • New Life for a Lighthouse at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I was up in this lighthouse back in 1982, when the lantern room was empty (though the tower itself was well maintained by the Park Rangers). At nightfall, something seemed to be "missing" because the tower was dark. It is so nice seeing this tower relit; it seems to have its spirit back! And the way that they did it (with an exact replica of the original third-order Fresnel lens and a high-efficiency LED bulb mounted atop a replica of the original oil lamp) is beyond praise!

    There are YouTube videos (for example: and Flickr photos ( of this lighthouse with its new light.

    With this project completed. I hope that they raise the funds and find the resources to restore the keeper's house and other buildings, if those are their plans.

  • Motorized Tours OK-ed for Cumberland Island National Seashore   5 years 40 weeks ago

    I love my wilderness, but I must admit this should put to rest a preservation-use argument that has plagued the island for decades. The trips will never impact the island as much as channel dredging/maintenance and the arrival and departure of eight or so Ohio-class "boomer" submarines. They are ported at Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base, just two miles west of the island.