Book Review| Ghost Riders In The Sky: The Life Of Stan Jones, The Singing Ranger

Over the years park rangers have demonstrated some impressive talent, but when it comes to securing a place in entertainment history, few can compete with Stan Jones. He was working as a ranger in Death Valley National Monument in the late 1940s when a series of serendipitous events led to a remarkable new career, and his story is told in an entertaining new book, Ghost Riders In the Sky: The Life of Stan Jones, The Singing Ranger.

Corn From A Jar: Moonshining In The Great Smoky Mountains

Corn from a Jar book cover
Corn from a Jar: Moonshining in the Great Smoky Mountains by Daniel S. Pierce traces the history of moonshining from its beginning in the U.S. to current, legal moonshining. Dr. Pierce humanizes moonshiners as sober, folks trying to provide for their families.

The New National Parks Index: 2009-2011 is Now Available Online

Download the searchable PDF version of "the Red Book” to your desktop and you’ll have a very handy reference for national parks, affiliated areas, national heritage areas, and NPS-administered rivers and trails.

The American Revolution: Official National Park Service Handbook -- Everything That an NPS Handbook Should Be

Kudos to the National Park Service and Eastern National. This new handbook on the American Revolution is a gem.